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Examining Viewpoints: WW II Research: Introduction

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This time period presents an interesting opportunity to practice source selection.  Information is plentiful and readily available both in print and online. Disinformation and personal bias is also rampant. Because of the proximity of this event to our own times (many of us know someone who lived through or even served in this war), it is likely that most of us have already encountered both accurate and biased information.  Because the interpretation of these historical events remains fluid and the line between fact and opinion remains blurred, it is crucial that we approach these topics with an understanding of how information depends strongly on the viewpoint of the author.



Historical research skills are valuable tools that can be applied across disciplines. Through the examination of a variety of viewpoints, both contemporary and historical, you'll practice:

...identifying keywords and terminology through background research.

...developing a thesis based on information encountered.

...locating tertiary sources for reliable facts.

...comparing analyses of different authors/historians in secondary sources.

...recognizing personal bias in primary sources.

...justifying your own analysis using an annotated bibliography.

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