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Winnequah - Growth Mindset: Overview

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Videos to share with your students

class dojo logo  With Class Dojo´s Big Ideas series you can share the importance of having a growth mindset with your students. As many students are already familiar with ClassDojo points this can be a great tie in. Consider giving out dojo points for students who demonstrate a growth mindset, and don´t let a failure hold them back from trying agian.  


   The human brain acts like a muscle, and when you learn new things it actually grows. This is a great video to introduce growth mindset to students of all ages, and even provides some of the science behind growth mindset.

  No one is born smart, but everyone is born to learn. Learning can be hard, and struggle at times, but each time you learn something new your brain grows. Failure is just another word for growing. In this short Khan Academy video students are given a lot to think about. Another video that is great for all ages. 


  Have you ever said you can´t do something? Or you´ll never be able to do it? Change your words and your attitude with the power of yet! Join some of your favorite Sesame Street friends and Janelle Monae and change your tune. Would work in any classroom, but I can see some of our younger students really grabbing on to this song, and would be a great brain break as well! 


 Learn about the science of learning! Did you know that learning actually changes how our brains look, and our brains never stop growing. While this video focuses more on the science how growth mindset than an attitude it could be a great place to start if you decide to have students actually research how the brain works! It would work best with older students, and students may need to investigate some of the vocabulary further.  


Videos that demonstrate growth mindset



Activities to Promote Growth Mindset

Lessons & Activities 

Khan Academy Lesson on Growth Mindset
Kahn Academy and PERTS have developed several lessons that help students understand growth mindset and practice growth mindset thinking. You can do one or all of the activities. 

Think About Your Learning
Stop and reflect with your students. These are six great questions that can help you do just that. 

  • What made you really think while you were learning?
  • What did you find difficult?
  • What helped you when things go difficult? 

Weekly Learning Reflection 
Another great tool for reflecting with your students. The blog post also has serval other great resources for creating a growth mindset in your classroom. 

Train Your Brain
From Teachers Pay Teachers ($1.00 fee) - Easy way to introduce growth mindset vocabulary and using more positive words. 

My Favorite Mistakes
How often do you reflect on your favorite mistake? Did you know that mistakes stands for - Means I Start To Acquire Knowledge Experience and Skills.

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