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Winnequah - Election: Overview


Hillary Clinton is the Democrat party nominee. Previously she was secretary of state and New York state senator, and first lady. For more information checkout these resources: 


Donald Trump is the Republican candidate. Before running for president he was a businessman, television personality, and author. For more information checkout these resources: 

Third Party Candidates

A third party candidate is someone who does not belong to one of the two major political parties (democrat or republican). There are two major third party candidates for the 2016 election, but they are not the only third party candidates. 

Jill Stein
Photo taken by Gage Skidmore CCSA

Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party) 
Jill Stein was the Green Party candidate for teh 2012 election, and is a physician and activit. For more information on her and the green party checkout these resources: 

Photograph of Gary Johnson
Flickr, Gov. Gary Johnson Account CCA

Gary Johnson (Libertarian) 
Gary Johnson was previously the governor of New Mexico and a businessman. For more information on bim and the libertarian park checkout these resources. 

PBS Election Central
Great resources that included everything from interactive maps to virtual fields and looking at the process of voting to hosting your own debate. 

Scholastic: Everything You Need
Scholastic has several election lessons and activities that engage students at all levels including a discussion guide for Duck for President, and a election vocabulary worksheet. 

Time for Kids
Follow along and get the latest scoop as Time for Kids covers the 2016 election. 

Does Your Vote Count? The Electoral College Explained 
Take a look at this short video and then answer five multiple choice questions to get a better understanding of how the electoral college works. Is Wisconsin a safe state or a swing state? How many votes does Wisconsin get in the election? 

Citizens, Not Spectators 
Citizens, Not Spectators is a program created to increase the voting rate of young American voters and aimed at students in 4th-12th grade. For teachers in 4th and 5th grader there is a 3 day lesson plan that teachers students the process of registering to vote, creating a ballot, and finally taking part in an election. 

iCicivs provides free resources, tools, and lessons for teachers to use with their students. They also have several online games that allow students to apply their knowledge, and even run their own presidential campaign. 

U.S. Electoral College
The National Archives and Records Administration answers all of your questions on the electoral college and why we still have the electoral college. 

Elections...The American Way
The Library of Congress provides an overview of what it takes to be a presidential candidate, the party system, election process, and the role campaign issues play. 

See How They Run book cover  Elections and Voting book cover So you want to be president  book cover
Voting in Elections book cover Voices & Votes book cover Why are elections important? book cover

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