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What is Copyright?

Copyright protects an author's or creator's right over any original work they have created. This means that anyone else needs the author's permission in order to user do things like make copies, distribute or perform the work publicly. Even if you are just referencing someone else's copyrighted work you need to give them credit. Don't forget to cite your sources! 


Investigate the in's and out's of copyright 


"When do you cite" and "What needs to be cited" by available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons works differently than copyright. Rather than requiring people to get your permission to use your work you automatically give permission for public use. You can limit what type of permission you give. 

Types of Creative Commons Licenses 

  • Attribution - allows free use of your work (redistribute, modification, and even to profit) 
  • NoDerivs - allows for redistrubtion as is, but no one can modify or change your work in any way 
  • ShareAlike - requires that anyone who uses your work must keep the same licenses as you used 
  • NonCommercial - allows for redistribution and modification, but you cannot profit from the work

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