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Annotation Template

Google Doc | Printable PDF

This template will help you to develop annotations that both summarize and evaluate any information source you use. It is used across the curriculum in the production of annotated bibliographies and web pages.

 THINK like this every time you encounter a piece of information.

Annotation Tutorial and Template

This tutorial will walk you through the creation of an annotation, including all the necessary components: a summary, along with an examination of currency, credibility, and relevance to your own research. At the end of your tutorial, you'll be given the opportunity to email your answers to both your teacher and yourself.Your answers will help you quickly construct an annotation.

Credibility Challenge

Need help in determining credibility? This tutorial will guide you through the process of identifying and testing the credibility of experts quoted and sources noted. Use the tutorial to practice OR use it as a template each time you need to determine the credibility of a source. You can email your answers to yourself and use them in developing a statement of credibility.


Inflation Calculator (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Martindales's Calculators On-Line Center

Measuring Worth: Purchasing Power, 1774-Present

Weights and Measures
Simple conversion generator for a variety of weights and measures, including area, length, volume, weight, and mass.

Cite This For Me
Chrome extension offers quick (but not always accurate) citations. Avoid relying on this for anything in PDF format or on a database.  Check for accuracy..  If you use there free online version, the tool will prompt you to fill in missing or inaccurate information and then format the citation for you.  You'll need to sign in and create an account if you want to save your work to the tool.  Otherwise, just cut and paste to a google doc.  

Use your Google account to sign into EasyBib's free version.  You'll be asked to view an advertisement once ever 48 hours to use the free tool.  You'll be able to view an edit your citations and the cite offers helpful hints for filling in information not found through the automated web search.    The EasyBib Add-On for Google Docs allows you to work with this tool with Google Docs.  Learn about how to use the add-on here.  The Paperpile add-on tools is similar.

Other free citation tools:
​ BibMe  is similar to EasyBib.
​ Formatically is simple and fast.   
​ KnightCite, from Calvin College, can help you with less common documents.
​ OttoBib specializes in books, using the ISBN to pull information from the publisher.
​ Tweet2Cite generate citations for specifically for informational tweets.


NOTE:  Online databases generally provide citations to for their articles. 
Simply cut and paste into your Google Doc.  Watch for errors.  


Check out OWL from Purdue University.  This online writing lab is referenced by many schools and universities.

GUIDE:  Copyright, Copyleft and the Creative Commons
GUIDE: Plagiarism:  A Student Guide

For more complete descriptions of these tools from the American Library Association, please visit their page.


Self-check your work for originality! (Annenberg Public Policy Center)

Fact check urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation

Scribble Maps (Create Maps Online)

Create a personal library or topic guide to share with the world! Ask for a login and training


A district license provides you with access to this great editing tool. Just visit this site and click "Login with Google" to get started! Need help?  Check out the online tutorials under the help (?) section.