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Technology & Wellness: Knowledge Constructor

Standard: KC1 - Students critically curate a variety of digital tools and diverse resources.

Standard: KC2 - Students produce creative artifacts and make meaningful learning experiences from curated knowledge for themselves and others.

ITL Learning Priorities

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Tools & Tips

KC1.b: Evaluate the accuracy, perspective, credibility, and relevance of information, media, data or other resources.

"There's so much information available!."  


"Teachers sometimes get stuck on how nice my projects look rather than on if I know the information."

"It's hard to keep track of your sources when the same information is in so many places."

Use separate rubrics for product design and content knowledge. Weight them according to learning objectives.


KC1.c: Curate information from digital resources.

"Knowing where to find the answers is more useful than memorizing."

"Searching is so much easier on a computer. I don't mean just Google. I like to search a PDF [or eBooks] for exactly the information I need."

"What do you mean, curate?"


Encourage hyperlinks! They help students connect information they know to more detailed information.

Identify everyday places where information is curated for people - online catalogs, indexes, television guides.

Destiny Collections is an awesome curating tool available to everyone at MG.

KC2.a: Produce creative artifacts.

"There are lots of photo and movie editors online that help me be creative."


"Sometimes teachers are too specific in their expectations. There is no room to make your project any more creative than the sample."

Do research, not reports.  Identify the difference.  

Create guidelines not templates. 

Be sure you give a variety of project examples that showcase different mediums and talents.

KC2.b: Build knowledge by actively exploring real world issues and problems.

"The internet forums make it much easier to talk to or read advice from real experts, rather than digging through a manual and hoping they covered the problem."

Sometimes there is so much information that it's overwhelming...especially if it’s a specific problems."

Teach students to network with experts online.

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