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Technology & Wellness: Empowered Learner

Standard: EL1 - Students leverage digital tools and strategies to take an active role in choosing and achieving their learning goals. 

Standard: EL2 - Students understand the fundamental concepts of technology operations and demonstrate the ability to choose, use, and troubleshoot current technologies. Performance Indicators (By Grade 

Standard: EL3 - Students are able to transfer knowledge to explore emerging technologies. 

ITL Learning Priorities

It's easier...

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Tools & Tips

EL1.a  Set goals and reflect

"I can use technology to track assignments plan activities."

"I can use technology to identify and meet long term goals, beyond the current semester or year."

"Having the things I need, like packets and readings, in once place on Google Classroom is so helpful. It's easier to find things and to keep up."


"I can get overwhelmed email.  Especially long ones."

"My interests change as I take new classes. If I've already put things into my career plan and then change my mind, it feels like I have wasted my time."

"It is hard when we look at a screen all day.  Give us breaks so we can refocus."

"You can get over scheduled so quickly."



Make use of Google Classroom to give and collect assignments.

Encourage students to use Google Calendar as a planner by sending invites to events and other critical activities.

Invite students to use Career Cruisin' during class time, as well as during ACP.

Try the Remind to send text reminders to students. You can use it online, or with apps found on iTunes or  Google Play

EL1.b Build network to support learning

"I can ask my friends for help through social media."  

"I can find videos online that show me how to do things, rather than just tell me."  

"I can communicate directly with experts."  

"I'm so confidence I can get the answer online, I don't always ask teachers for help when I'm in class. Later that night, it's too late."  


EL1.c Create personalized learning environment

Allows for learners to access new information in a variety of formats.

"On group projects, we can work together without being together." 

"We don't all have to work on group projects at the same time."

"It's easier to work with other students who aren't my friends online."

"If we're having a class discussion about personal things, the teacher can let us interact anonymously. That make it easier to be honest."

"Taking my Chromebook home makes it so much easier to get work done whereever I'm at."

Screen centered activities can be isolating for students who do not learn well this way.

"When we're only given technology-based options I feel like my teachers don't value the talents I have that don't use computers."

"Testing on a computer stresses some people out. Give us options."

"I think there are too many distractions on the computer. I wish I could choose other ways to learn."

Consider offering testing materials in a variety of formats.

EL1.d: Seek and utilize feedback

"I like when teachers use Google forms for learning reflection."  

"Classroom allows us to post answers to questions and consider classmate responses."

"I think annotating on an image of my artwork is more helpful than separate comments."

"Computers let me communicate with my teachers more easily."


"In the classroom, I don't to say something if I don't have an anything to offer. Online I sometimes feel forced to put down an opinion, even if they don't have one."

"People forget to take time to talk. I hate that. It's hard when you can't see someone."

Consider posting a back channel during classroom discussions.  

Mentimeter let's teachers post questions and quizzes and show students real-time feedback.

GoSoapBox has a variety of classroom feedback tools that are colorful and fun to use.

Want to share instant feedback without sacrificing student anonymity? Try Plickers.

EL2.a: Understand and apply functions and operations.

"I like figuring out how to make things work."

"It seems like my teachers all like different online tools.  I get overwhelmed."

"I can get so hung up on how to do something on the computer that I forget what I'm suppose to be learning."

"It's really stressful when something doesn't work. Like when I can't get something to print right."

"When I lose everything I've been working on to some computer problem, it's so defeating."

Offer choice but minimize stress by creating a toolbox of online apps that you model often and allow students to use.

EL3.a: Transfer knowledge to emerging technology.

"It's fun to try out new tools."

"Let us pick new tools to try. And let us teach you."

Allow students to propose the use of a new medium or tool in completing an assignment without requiring it.

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