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Technology & Wellness: Digital Citizen

Standard: DC1 - Students recognize the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities of living, learning, and working in an interconnected digital world. 

Standard: DC2 - Students will demonstrate an understanding of and respect for the rights and obligations of using and sharing intellectual property

ITL Learning Priorities

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DC1.a: Cultivate and manage digital identity and reputation.

"I can represent myself in the way I want to be seen."

"I can circumvent prejudices."

"Kids don't think that what they do now can have an impact on them later in life."

"We didn't learn to manage our reputation online early enough. I feel like I'm sort of stuck old judgements."

 "Anyone can post something about me on the internet.  Even if it's not true!"

"I've represented myself in ways that aren't always true. It's hard to maintain a lie." NOTE: It is not unusual for people to maintain multiple identities that reveal only part of their personality online. 




DC1.b: Manage personal data to maintain digital privacy and security.

"If you develop a method for creating a random password, it's easier to memorize."

"It's really hard because companies have different ways of getting and selling your data.  You can worry all the time, or just give up."  

"It's really difficult to remember multiple passwords."

Talk early and often about what information we ALL need to keep secure.

DC2.a: Use information, media and digital resources in a responsible manner.

"Digital newspapers and worksheets are much more ecological."

"I don't think anyone is going to sue me for using copyrighted stuff in my school projects.  Some teachers tell me that's wrong. Some teachers don't care."

"Sometimes what's entertaining online is very distracting."


DC2.b: Respect intellectual property rights.

"Cut and paste helps me keep quotes accurate. Hyperlinks help me show where I got the quote."  

"It's a lot easier to make citations with online tools.  I can use my time to learn instead of format lists."

"Torrents make it so easy to get things [music, movies, software] I can't afford to buy. Very tempting!"

"Cut and paste is so easy. It's hard to remember to put things in my own words."


DC2.c: Recognize the rights and responsibilities of intellectual freedom in a democratic society

"If I want to use a song or picture that is copyrighted, it's pretty easy to email the artist." 


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