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Technology & Wellness: Computational Thinker

Standard: CT1 - Students develop and employ strategies for understanding and solving problems. 

ITL Learning Priorities

It's easier...

It's harder...

Tools & Tips

CT1.a: Identify, define, and interpret problems where digital tools can assist in finding solutions.

"Spreadsheets make it pretty easy to gather and sort data."

"Digital labs and simulations let us try things that we can't realistically do in the classroom."

"The tool I use in school can be used for personal research. I like to use Google slides to compare things I'm thinking about buying."

"I think that we are usually looking for 'quick answers' with Google, rather than analyzing information and coming up with our own answers. Google makes that seem so easy."

"Sometimes I get stuck trying to fill in a template that I don't think beyond it. I don't feel like many teachers accept deviation from the sample."

Coach's Eye 
(iTunes Google Play)
This video analysis app allows users to study motion in sports, performance arts, and even science.  

GoNoodle (program)
A ready-to-go classroom brain exercise program.

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