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Technology & Wellness: Creative Communicator

Standard: CC1 - Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats, and digital media appropriate to their goals.  

Standard: CC2 - Students publish and present content customized for their audience(s), purpose, and task.


ITL Standards

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Tools & Tips

CC1.b: Create or remix digital resources.

"It's fun to learn using clips from popular music and movies. It makes it relevant."

Some teachers think if it' not written that it's easier. They don't give us enough time."

Give "a lot more options within a project as an incentive to get creative." 

"Don't template a project! It kills creativity."

CC1.c: Communicate effectively using a variety of digital tools.

"There are so many ways to communicate ideas.  You can find tools that help you do what's most comfortable for you."

"Teachers too often shut down options because they don't understand what you want to do."


CC2.a: Publish and present content.

"On the internet, there are lots of places you can actually publish your work and have a real audience. That's better than the "pseudo” publications we sometimes do in class.

"Sometimes Google slides are limiting...seems like a throwaway assignment...fitting content into task."

"Speeches shouldn’t always need a slide as a visual. Does it add to the presentation or is it just a bunch of pictures slapped up at the last minute."

"Getting creative can be overwhelming in the scope of  things. We have so many other demands on our time.  If you want me to be creative, give me enough time.  Not just work time, but think time, too."

"Sometimes I think something will be way easier because I have Google.  Then I procrastinate."   

Give your students time to work and rest from their work. Consider spacing "workshop" times across a longer period of time.

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