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Learning Targets

I recognize the impact of imagery on perception and use this in the development of a branded logo.
(Wi-ITL DC1.12.a)

I respect intellectual property rights and know how to use search tools in identifying my responsibilities.
(Wi-ITL DC2.b.4.h)

I understand the creative commons and apply it when creating my own designs. 
(Wi-ITL KC2.a.4h, Wi-ITL CC1.b.4.h)

Graphics are a natural part of the fashion industry. Between branding, labeling, and marketing, designers rely on graphic professionals to make their "signature style" known.

As a fashion consumer, it is useful to know that:

  • Fashion choices are visual and symbolic ways in which we convey a message to those around us.
  • Designers and the marketers who work with them employ visual imagery to encourage specific responses from us.

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