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Resume Writer's Workshop: Overview

Resume Writer's Workshop Title

Resume Writer's Workshop

Career Planning Tools

Career planning tools help you look ahead and take action now.  

Xello is provided to all MG students to explore careers and develop an educational path that will help them reach the goals that they set. Sign in through Google Single Sign-On.  

How to Write a Resume That Will Get You an Interview 

BalanceCareers focuses on helping users explore, identify and develop a career path.  


Job Boards

Job Boards are the place where employers and job-seekers meet. Employers post to the sites with the broadest reach, and to specialty boards that serve specific communities of professionals.

This is a job board where employers post and people search for jobs.  Think of it as a job-seeker's search engine. You can even search in Spanish! Use the powerful sorting and saving tools to find the right job in the right place. The indeed blog features articles that guide both employers, job-seekers, and new employees.  

Resume Building Tools

Why start from scratch when there are great resume building tools, online.  Taking advantage of these can mean your resume looks similar to others employers are reviewing.  If you want to stand out, plan on purchasing access to premium templates or designing your own.

Zety is an awesome online resume builder that's been featured by a number of reputable publications, including Forbes, Huffpost, and Lifehacker.  They offer a series of articles that can help you create the perfect resume for your job search.  The site also offers articles with specific guidelines, tips, and lots of great examples


ResumeGenius provides templates for resumes and cover letters alongside awesome tips on how to improve the standard resume.

Professional Resume Templates from Canva, an awesome online graphic designer, provide modern and attention grabbing options for designing your resume. 

The New Design Resume

Looking to work where your creativity is valued.  Consider providing a creative resume, alongside or in place of a traditional resume.  This new type of resume:

  • highlights your personality
  • offers potential employers insight into you at a glance
  • showcases your creative skills

Ima Reader
Monona, Wisconsin


 The header of your resume should clearly indicate contact information

  • your full name (nicknames only if this is your primary identity)
  • the city where you live (full address is not necessary)
  • an email contact
  • your primary phone number


Reading College (Reading, PA)
Associate's Degree in Writing, 2000

University of Reading (Berkshire, UK) 
Bachelor of Arts in Reading, 2003    

City College, New York 
Certificate of Publishing, 2005
Master of Arts in Literary Antiquities



 The education section should indicate your highest level of education, along with degrees, certifications, and licenses.  You may also list relevant workshops and other training your participated in.


Librarian, Spink Public Library
Spink, SD, 2015-Present

Have directed the acquisition of three new collections related to the library's historical mission. Have promoted community involvement through regular programming.

Archivist, National Library
Washington, DC, 2010-2015

Initiated new procedures to ensure safe handling of rare books. Coordinated the digitization of these materials for online publication.

Proofreader, Great Lakes Publishing
Mackinac, MI, 2006-2010

Surpassed assigned editing quotes by 25% by developing a systematic approach that is replicative by other employees.

Sales Consultant, Barnes and Nobel Book Stores
Monona, WI, 2000-2002

Mastered job duties, including stocking and display, inventory, reader advisory and sales check out.




 The most common format (chronological) lists work experiences (places of employment and job titles), beginning with the most recent.  Concisely describe achievements rather than responsibilities.  As you gain more experience, you may remove any work that is not relevant to the jobs you are applying for. Other formats include:

  • functional
    The functional resume highlights skills and abilities, as opposed to experience. This type is great for people who have gaps in employment or are changing careers.
  • targeted
    The targeted resume focuses on a specific job opening by removing any information that is not relevant to the position.
  • design
    The design resume showcases the job-seeker's creativity and design skills.


Proficient in common Microsoft and Google Office software (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software). Trained in speed reading techniques.  Fluent in conversational Spanish. 


 The skills draws attention to job skills that may not be evident through work history. For example, you may be proficient in a piece of software that is common in the field in which you are seeking employment. Perhaps you are fluent in another language.


  • Recipient of Employee of the Year, Barnes and Nobel, 2001
  • Awarded the James O'Brien Reader's Scholarship, 2003, 2004, 2005


 This optional section can showcase significant achievements that have been formerly recognized. Have you been awarded an impressive scholarship? Has your work been published by an organization?

Words matter!

How you express yourself in a resume is important.  Remember this is the first time you'll communicate with your potential employers.  Be sure to use a descriptive vocabulary that gets your worth across.


Are you Linked In.  LinkedIn is not just another social media platform.  This one specializes in helping you develop a professional network.  Create a linked in account and connect to the teachers, employers and colleagues who know your work and can attest to your skills.(/p>;


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