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Research1st: Companion to Speak1st


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US Government Class
The US Government class website published by Mr. Roth will provide you with access to project directions and deadlines.

This is a blog authored by you! Publish your work here and feel free to engage in a moderated civil discourse with others.  This is a public blog, so commentary may come from outside of our school.  

Blogging - MiniGuide

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Navigate to MySites and be sure you're on the Speak1st blog. (Now that you're a member, you can create your own blog or contribute to other group blogs!)

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To create a post, simply click on the   WRITE  button in the upper right-hand corner.  

  • Don't just plug your topic into the title ...  HEADLINE it!  You need to grab your audience's attention. 
  • Type or cut-and-paste your work into the online word editor.  You can link text, call out quotes, and add images.
  • Assign categories and tags!  
    • All posts must be assigned to at least one of our page categories.  DO NOT create new categories.
    • Tag your post with words that you think people might put in a search engine to find your work. Single words and common phrases work the best.  Add as many as you like.
  • Add a featured image, if you like.  Remember to respect copyright laws. If you don't own the image, it's better to add it through the original URL than to download and re-upload.
  • You won't be publishing directly. Submit for review to request editor approval of your post.
  • You can always go back and edit your post (click the pencil).

For technical support, see Mrs. Cowell.  

Want to add a feature to the upper gallery of our page?  Create a separate post with a quote and image, along with a single paragraph introduction to the topic or speaker (you can include links).  Tag the post with the word "quotable" and it'll become a part of the gallery.

Research databases
Limit Your Results

Access NewspaperARCHIVE (via Badgerlink)
Archival copies of newspapers from around the country, dating as far back as pre-revolutionary times. Use these to get peek into information produced as events were happening.

 Issues and Controversies in American History

The Oyez Project (Northwestern University) 
Listen to the Supreme Court justices as they deliberate cases, using this complete source of all audio recorded since the installation of a recording system in the Court in 1955.

The Supreme Court Database 
Washington University in St Louis School of Law

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet  
A database of congressional activity dating back to 1973. You can find bills,  treaties  and the congressional record, and track current activity on the House and Senate floor.

Password Portal


The Bill of Rights Institute 

Constitution Finder
University of Richmond

The Constitutional Rights Foundation
A wide array of resources, including lesson plans and enrichment texts, on constitutional issues designed to help students understand the Constitution and become better citizens.


The Conversation (Articles on the First Amendment)
Step up from Wikipedia.  This edited news source features explanatory articles prepared members of the academic nd research community.

Newseum Institute's First Amendment Center
This a "forum for the study and exploration of issues related to free expression, religious freedom, and press freedom and an authoritative source of information, news, and analysis of these issues."

The National Archives Charters of Freedom
Explains the making of and impact of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. It includes images of the documents, biographies of the framers, and fun facts.


From your library....

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