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Two Billion Miles
Refugees and Migrants have traveled incredible distances.  This 2015 interactive video allows you to join in their experience.

Clouds Over Sidra is a VR documentary  that follows a young Syrian refugee.  The documentary is filmed in panoramic-360 and you can explore the environment by dragging your mouse across the screen.

Against All Odds
This online game simulates what it's like to flee from conflict to build a new life in another country. 

"Anne Frank's Family, Like Today's Refugees, Were Denied Entry to U.S.Washington Post, 30 Nov 2015. Newsela 


Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Art Exhibit (New York City)
Take a virtual tour of this NYC citywide exhibition of over 300 works of art designed to raise awareness of the global refugee crisis.  The site invites visitors to share their own story of refuge and immigration.



"Refugees of Rap Flee Violence in Syria' n ow 'the time for silence is over.'" Agnce France-Presse, 20 Mar 2017. Newsela.
Listen (YouTube) |  Watch (USA Today) | learn more...

"The Age of Silence is over. How can so much injustice come from just one man? You should stand up and say it straight from your heart, wake up from your nightmare.  There is nothing to fear, you can say what you want, the Age of Silence is over."

Margolis, Jason. "Fueling Recovery: Detroit Seeks Immigrants To Help Rebuild City ." Public Radio Interantional, 09 Oct 2018. Newsela

Over Under Sideways Down
An online comic book tells of 15 year old Ebrahim's journey to a safer life. 

My Life as a Refugee (Apple Android)
In this free app you will choose a character before you are forced face the tough decision and chance events as they seek safety and family reunification.  

"Why Comics Are So Effective At Telling Refugees’ Stories." Refugees. N. p., 2018. Web. 2 Nov. 2018.

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