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Reader's Bibliography: English 9 Project

Everyday Annotation

You choose

We've all struggled with web pages that offer endless list of links with little or no clue as to where they'll lead.  These pages can prove overwhelming to navigate because exploring them requires taking the time to click into each link to discover a link's usefulness. Because of this difficulty, annotation has become a standard in web design.  Click on the thumbnails below to see examples.



Keeping a Reader's Bibliography offers you the opportunity to practice the skill of creating the brief and informative annotations that play such a crucial role in an information society.  As a freshman, you will begin this Reader's Bibliography to include the required readings for English 9, as well as personal reading selections you make during your freshman year. You are invited to add reading accomplished through other classes and to continue adding to this bibliography throughout your high school career.  Each entry in your Reader's Bibliography will include the:


Formatted in MLA style, the citation provides you information that facilitates retrieval of the exact text version you read.  This is important in literature, as various printings and translations may differ.  


A brief summary of the themes of the book, along with a personal reaction to one or more aspects of the text.  This annotation will serve as a reminder of the literature's impact on you at the time you read it.  Your practice summarizing the key themes and ideas will prepare you to write more complex annotations during your sophomore year studies.

You'll find NoodleTools and to the Library Catalog useful to you as you develop this record of your own reading experience.  You can always access these in the Quick Links section on the library home page.


Annotations everywhere...

The fact is, we rely on annotation across media, in many aspects of our lives.  Consider television listings.

With thousands of shows to choose from, annotations become crucial in quickly identifying those we'd mostly likely enjoy.

Imagine selecting dinner without the added information available through description.  Which of these two menus would you rather face in a new restaurant?  Click on the menus for a closer look.

Because we are information consumers, annotations can prove useful any time we need to scan for information quickly. Can you think of other examples when everyday annotation helps you to more quickly make choices or understand ideas? 


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