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Details and tools for the completion of this project are provided in the packet handed out during class.  You may view a copy of this packet here.

For this project you will

  • Select a well-known progressive thinker who has worked for social, economic, or political reform. 
  • Research both biographical information related to your progressive and the issues he/she advocated. You will make use of a variety of sources, including:
    • biography
    • primary sources
    • tertiary sources (reference, histories, etc.)

​​Your research will help you to understand the experiences that lead to this individual's progressive point-of-view, and more importantly, the change/reform that they fought/fight for.   

  • Prepare a persuasive speech to be delivered IN CHARACTER.  Choose just ONE of the issue he or she felt passionately about and deliver it to his or her audience to effect change.  
  • Prepare a poster that your progressive might have used to spark interest in their cause and support the change they worked for.
  • Provide an annotated bibliography that demonstrates your skill at both selecting and evaluating your resources.  You'll use NoodleTools and share your bib with Mrs. Cowell.  She'll be scoring your with THIS rubric.

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