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Podcasting: Overview

Podcasting Basics

Tips and tricks for a successful podcast...


Don't just talk. Think of your show/channel as a stage. To make your podcast professional:

  • Use the same recording equipment (or app) for everyone in your podcast!  This will help you maintain even quality of sound when editing your clips together.

  • Speak up, be enthusiastic, and use your voice to emote feelings. 

  • Use production elements such as musical intro and outros to give yourself a professional flair.

  • Don't apologize for your podcast in your podcast!  It's a waste of time and a downer to tell everyone that you're new to this.  

  • Brand yourself. If you are doing a multi-show podcast, create a name for yourself, along with a tagline (slogan).

Edit yourself before and after you record. This includes:

  • pre-planning (use an outline or storyboard)
  • scripting vital information.   
  • structure conversational information. If you're doing a Q&A, be sure both interviewer and guest know the questions ahead of time.   

Audio Editing

Podcasting Tools


Simply record your voice....

Voice Recorder is a super simple application.  Works like any voice recorder, recording whatever sound the microphone picks up.  Vocoroo is similar, and it doesn't require a sign-up to get started.  Your recordings can be downloaded or shared via an embed code. Another option is Speakpipe.

 Make music...

This is tool is an online music work station designed for people who want to compose and record music in Chrome.  

Band Lab works in your browser and our through apps.  Connect with Google to create and share music.

 Edit your audio...


Audacity deserves a place on this list, though it won't work on your Chromebook.  If you have access to computer, Audacity is a free, open source, cross-platform audio software used by MANY professional podcasters.  You can get access to it in our library on the laptops.  

Garage Band is MacOS program and available in the library.  In fact, we have a podcasting station with mic and recording space to work.  You can schedule yourself time in StudioMEdia here...



Soundtrap is a subscription based audio tool that offers a free version.  Sign in with your Google account to create and collaborate. Input audio by  upload or microphone/midi devices.  Built in loops and effects are included.  Free access allows you 5 projects and gives you access to 480 loops/125 instruments.  

TwistedWave is a full featured audio editor that allows you to edit files from your Google Drive, apply effects, save in a variety of file formats and expect the final product back to your drive.  


 Annotate your audio...

MicNote lets you recrod and take notes at the same time.  This is a great tool for class notes and meetings.

 Broadcast your audio...

Podcast Machine is a podcast host.  You can create a channel using your Google log-in.  With a free account, you can create  your own channel and store up to 1GB.  Traffic is also limited to 1 GB, but this works if you're just creating a few class projects.  If you go viral, you're going to want a paid account!

Easy to use, you can record, upload other sound tracks, and even add comments to audio tracks (think anaysis or feedback). The service even hosts your podcast.  SoundCloud has a creation app on Google Play and itunes.   as well as a companion app called SoundCloud Pulse (Google Play itunes) to manage your channel.  

Spreaker let's you join a community of audio creators broadcasting podcasts and tracks. Upload your own work to share with blogs, social media, or post on your website.  The tool includes a DJ console that allows you to mix voice, music and effects that are available in the cloud.  Apps available for iOS and Android and a desktop studio is available.  

Podcast on the go...

Anchor, available in itunes and Google Play let's you record high quality audio using your phone.  Distribute it with a simple click.  Not fancy, but great experience and free!

JoJo On-the-Go (Google Play and itunes) is a map based mini-podcast (3 minutes or less) service that will pin your podcast to your location on a map.  Interesting social podcast possibilities.


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