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Nutrition Valued: Understanding the Benefits of Healthy Choices: Dietary Restrictions

Dietary Restrictions

An accurate understanding of medical concerns is crucial to planning a healthy diet for people who must follow dietary restrictions. Navigating the vast quantity of information regarding these concerns can be complex and it can be difficult to differentiate between sound scientific/medical fact and personal opinions. Applying a solid research approach can help you:

Always begin by reviewing information in a general reference source to gain a basic understanding.  This may include print or online encyclopedias that explain concepts in common language rather than high level medical terminology.  This guide will start you off with Wikipedia. Remember that the "open edited" nature of this resource requires us to evaluate the value of the information we find there.  Check out the tips included with your topic.

Follow up by checking your understanding against a respected consumer medical website.  Keep in mind that not all of these sources are the same.  It is important to determine the sponsoring or affiliated organizations and/or professionals and ask yourself if that association lends credibility to the site.  This guide suggests a number of such sites.  Can you determine the affiliated organizations/affiliations that indicate credibility?

Insight into the most current developments in any science-related field will help you to determine if further information is needed.  Use databases, such as those provided by Badgerlink, to mine newspapers and periodicals for recently published articles.  Take note of new concepts and developments not covered in your search of commercial medical reference sources. 

Searching the open web can yield valuable information, but it can also lead you to personal blogs and medically unproven theories that muddle your research. Ask yourself"

  • Who sponsored/authored this and what are their professional credentials/affiliations?
  • Does the creator of this information have an agenda/bias that may impact the message?

Click on the links in the drop down menu under the "Dietary Restrictions" tab above or by chosing the links below.  These guides will help you to practice this research process. 



Dietary Share Guide
Links to products that are compliant with a variety of dietary restrictions. Grouped by restriction. 


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