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Independent Research in Nursing Topics: Overview

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Online Catalog Quick Search

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Google Scholar



Research Process Checklist

Review The Information Inquiry Process and make a plan.

1.  What question(s) will you ask to get you thinking?

2.  What search tools will you use to access a variety of resources?

3.  Do the resources you chose allow you to analyze different ideas and points of view?

4.  How will you apply the information you find to answer your question?

5.  How will you assess your own learning and your research process?

EBSCO Databases
Limit Your Results

EBSCO Databases

Other Helpful Guides

Other Useful Guides

Asking Essential Questions

If you're having trouble formulating a good research question, check out this guide.  The guide offers tips on how to develop your question and an essential question template that will help you format it.

Developing a Thesis

You may have a topic, but a thesis is crucial when you're doing research.  It will help you elevate your work from "report" to "research."  This guide will explain the difference and help you to make transition your topic to something more scholarly.

Journals vs. Magazines

They often look alike, particularly when you encounter them in their online format?  Do you know how to tell the difference between scholarly/academic journals and popular magazines? Get tips here.

Go Google Scholar

We provide both print and database resources for your research, but sometimes you need to go outside of what we have available to search the open web.  You could just google it, but Google Scholar will bring you back more reliably credible information, along with tools to help you cite and explore further.

Use Your NoodleTools

Need help with citations?  Use NoodleTools.  Not only does this site generate accurate APA citations, it teaches you great research skills along the way.

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