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Use Your Noodle Tools: Getting Started

Teach yourself to use Noodle Tools, a citation generator and much more.

Connect to Noodle Tools

All student at MGHS can have a NoodleTools account.  Set your username to match your network user name. And select a password you remember (we suggest this also match your network password). The first time you log in, you will be asked to answer a few simple questions. After that, all of the projects you manage using NoodleTools will be available to you throughout your four years at MGHS, unless you choose to delete them.

Then, simply

Select from MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian Styles. As an HUHS student, I am most likely to choose APA.

Choose Junior, Intermediate, or Advanced. As a high school student, I'll choose Advanced.

Name your project something unique. Remember, you'll have access to it for years to come.


The original version of this guide appeared at HUHS Libguides, created by llcowell, 2012.  You can view the current HUHS version here.


It's research project management...

NoodleTools is more than a citation generator. The program pulls together a group of powerful research organizers to help make the research you do for projects and papers more efficient and more accurate.

The dashboard is your project command center. You can access all the components of your project from here, including

Paper (Google Docs!)

You can:

SHARE your project with

 The public
 A teacher's drop box (they'll be able to comment).
 Collaborating peers (they'll be able to add information to the project).

Track your progress with a self-created TO DO list.
Read COMMENTS left for you by your teachers.

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