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NEWSELA Quickstart: Quick Start

Video Tutorials

NEWSELA: Getting Students Started 
This video can be used in the classroom to help students get started with using the tool.

Good to Know


 Grade to Lexile Conversion Table
 How Student Reading Level is Determined
 Resetting a Quiz Score
 Setting the Article Reading Level


 NEWSELA for Android

Get Started

Sign in!  
We have GOOGLE Single Sign On, so it's easy for teachers and students.

  • The first time someone visits the site, they'll identify themselves as a student or an educator.
  • You'll be asked to confirm your school and then to verify your email address (email will be sent to school account). 

Connect your classes.
If your classes are not already available to you, import them from Google Classrooms

Assign articles.  
NEWSELA features news articles, but also contains other content, including primary sources and some reference sources.

  • Assign them in NEWSELA
    • Browse
    • Select
    • Assign
    • Instruct:  Include instructions that guide student thinking as they read.  Are there certain ideas they should look for?  Are there essential questions they should ask?
    • Annotate:  This feature lets you highlight and provide margin notes that clarify, connect, and challenge student thinking.
    • Prompt:  Use NEWSELA provided writing prompts or create your own to engage students in personal reflection about what they've read.
      • Click on Open Activities (right side of screen), select Write.
  • Assign them in Google Classroom 
    • Assign to Research Skills (left side of screen)
    • Add instructions
    • Click ASSIGN.
    • You can still add instruction, annotations, and customize prompts within the NEWSELA.

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