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Mood Boards: Overview

 Mood Board Workshop
Fashion Design

Picking a Color Palette

Photographs, particularly those taken in natural settings, offer a quick way to develop a palette that matches the mood evoked by the photo.  Use online photo analyzers to pick out colors and even full palettes.

Has a single color in an image caught your eye? 
Simply upload it to Image Color Picker and pick the color you'd like to know more about. The color values for reproduction in a variety of types of projects are provided.

Found an online image that says it all (mood-wise)? 
Enter the URL of an online image in this Image Color Picker to capture a whole pallet.

Want to upload your own image?
CSS Colors Palette Generator analyzes an image and provides you with light, medium and dark versions of the color palette. You can combine these into a palette of up to 8 different colors. These can be saved as Photoshop style swatches or as a CSS style sheet.

Just want to play with colors?
Instagram's Coolors allows you to generate a color scheme based on an image, generate random color schemes, drag colors within a scheme, choose alternative colors, and more.  When you're done playing, export your palette in a variety of creative formats.

Already have colors in mind?

Search for images by color with  TinEye Lab's Multicolr search engine. You can search by a single color, or add (and remove) colors to change results.

Textures and Fabrics

Pattern Design Glossary (Artlandia)

Includes definitions of terms you may encounter and example swatches.

28 Common Fabric Types and Their Uses (Masterclass)
Featuring Dianne Von Furstenberg, this lists focuses on the qualities of fabrics as used by fashion designers.

Fabric Types and Patterns (TextileSchool)
List of common fabric types defining recognizable patterns and qualities.  Use the linked index on the right to quickly access what you're looking for.

Click on any infographic to enlarge.
Weight Drape

Make a trip to online!


1. Target Market

Think tagwords, season, event, theme.  What might a customer who connects with your line be looking for, off and online?

2. Style

3. Color Palette

4. Textures / Fabric


Can the elements of a style impact mood?

Putting it All Together

Moodboard is a simple, no login option for creating a quick mood board based on images.  You can save and share (or keep them private).  

Pinterest is a curation tool and wonderfully suited to mood boards.  Create an account using your school email for school projects.  That will leave your personal Pinterest account private.  You can always invite private self to contribute to your "professional" boards on your school account.  This makes using your Pinterest app on your device easy -- no logging on and off two account.

Canva is a great visual app you can use by signing up with your school email via Google Single Sign-on.  Try using the photo collage option to create a mood board. Canva has it's own image-to-color generator built in. Canva provides a  on creating moodboards, with inspiration beyond their own program!

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