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Medical Miracles: Overview

Medical Miracles

A Timeline of Medical Discoveries and Innovations

B.C. Limb Prosthetics (2017)  

B.C.  Surrogate Mothers (Brooke N)

1716  Modern Dentistry  (2017) 

1796  Vaccines 

1841  Anesthetic Surgery  

1867  Antiseptic Surgery

1878  Hormone Therapy (Emma Z)

1872  Skin Grafting  (Jade E)

1895  X-Rays (Maddie S)

1903  EKG

1903 Neonatal Incubator (2016)

1910  Laparoscopy

1920 Ketogenic Diet (2016)

1921 Diabetic Management (2017)  

1922  Insulin Treatment for Type I Diabetes (Lacy)

1927  FDA 

1928  Antibiotics

1929  EEG (2015)

1930  Artificial Pacemaker  

1937  Blood Banks (2015)

1945  Kidney Dialysis

1946  Chemotherapy (2015)

1947 Cardiac Defibrillator

1948  Acetaminophen

1950  Intraocular Lens

1952  Pacemaker

1951  Artificial Heart Valve

1951 Oral Contraceptives  (Jessica)

1953  Ultrasound (Claudia)

1953  Open Heart Surgery (Kearsten)

1954  Kidney Transplant

1956  Bone Marrow Transplant (2017)

1958  CPR

1959  IVF (2015)

1959  IVF (Lexi)

1960s Interventional Radiology (Maren D)

1960 Epinephrine Auto-Injectors  (2017)

1963  Lung Transplant (Sarah V)

1964  Hand Transplant (2016)

1965 Physician's Assistants (Rachel B)

1967  Heart Transplants (2015)

1971 Transdermal Patches

1971  CT Scanner

1975  Balloon Angioplasty (Pandora)

1976  Cloning (Olivia)

1978  MRI (2016)

1979 Scalp Cooling (Maddie)

1979  Antiviral Drugs

1985  DNA Fingerprinting

1987  Laser Eye Surgery (Molly B)

1988 Prozac (2017) 

1989  Synthetic Blood

1992  DNA Sequencing

1998  Stem Cell Therapy (2015)

2003  Womb Transplant (2017)

2005  Face Transplant  (Molly R)

2013 RNS System (2017) 

2017 3D Modeling for Conjoined Twins (2017)  

2017 Synthetic Blood (Alyssa P) 

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Book Collection Nonfiction: High School Edition 

 GVRL - Gale Virtual Reference Library

Web Resources

A collection of links for biomedical innovators from researchers at Stanford University.

National Institutes of Health

National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health, Dept. of Health & Human Services

New England Journal of Medicine
Search "200th Anniversary" to locate articles dedicated to the history of important medical innovations

New Scientist
This well respected science magazine includes stories on medical innovations that are impacting care today.
National Agricultural Library, Food and Nutrition Information Center

The World Health Organization 

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