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Let's talk research!

You're teachers have reviewed the guidelines of your project and it's time to get started with research.  Mrs. Cowell will briefly orient you to the project guide. The guide will help you


During your time in the library, we'll be taking time to learn information concepts and skills that will make you a better researcher.

Day 1: General Information Focus AND Cite or Just Write?  

You'll spend your research time focusing on background information and fact finding. Many times it can be difficult to differentiate between knowledge that is common or personal knowledge and ideas that belong to others. This can lead to unintentional plagiarism.  That's why we'll kick off with an activity/discussion that will help you get a good grasp on when something must be cited, and when it's alright to simply write what you know.

Day 2: Digging Deeper AND Experts Noted/Sources Quoted

Of course, tt's natural to assume that that the published information available to us is reliable. But in today's information society it's common to come across informatio that is dated, inaccurate or down-right biased. How then, can we determine the reliability of a source, the credibility of it's author. Today, you'll begin to dig deeper to discover the most current information on your culture. That's why we'll take a break from research mid-hour to learn some quick ways to evaluate the resources you've already found!

And the days continue on...

You'll have more days in the library to develop your understanding and to look for additional information that verifies or fills out the information you've already found. Most of these days, both Mrs. Cowell and your teacher will be available to help you one-on-one with your research question.  As you start to create your projects, your teachers will have examples and good tips on how to make yours great!

Have a question? Just ask!

  • Use our ANSWERS database. If you're question/answer isn't already in the database, you can expect an answer within a day.
  • Pick up a pass, in the morning, to come to the library during your study hall.
  • Stop by during OverTime! Mrs. Cowell is here most days to help you out.

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