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Great Immigration Debate: Overview

The Great Immigration Debate: a Policy Proposal Project

READ:  The Great Immigration Debate  
                    (Select PDF for a full color layout)

SMITH, P, & Preston, J 2012, 'The Great Immigration Debate', New York Times Upfront, 145, 3, p. 8, MasterFILE Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 25 January 2016. 

Resources for Identifying a Problem

READ:  The Great Immigration Debate
               (Select PDF for a full color layout)

SMITH, P, & Preston, J 2012, 'The Great Immigration DebateNew York Times Upfront, 145, 3, p. 8, MasterFILE Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 25 January 2016. 

The Immigration Debate 
This focus section from USA Today gives you quick access to the most current news stories related to the issue of immigration. Use this to see what people are talking about today!

SIRs Pro/Con
You've used this database before!  Use it to identify topics related to the immigration debate and to explore different viewpoints on that issue.


This portal is provided to promote "critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, and primarily pro-con format." The information provided here represents many different viewpoints. Keep this in mind as you explore.  

Animated Map Immigration in US History

Resources for Finding a Solution

Student Resources in Context 
This one-stop database gives you access to a variety of sources, including newspapers and news broadcasts, magazines articles, and much more.


Gale Virtual Reference Library 
This ebook collection provides you with 24/7 access to the studied ideas and analysis available in published books.


Wisconsin Badgerlink
Provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruciton, Badgerlink offers a complete collection of research databases to all Wisconsin citizens. This is a great place to find very current updates and information.


This NEW research interface is designed to encourage exploration of ideas and topics. The interface accesses the same resources made available by EBSCOhost databases through Wisconsin Badgerlink.

Other useful resources:

Immigration Statistics
Department of Homeland Security

History of Immigration Timeline
Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation

23 Defining Moments in US Immigration Policy
ABC News

The American Immigration Council
Features news and other resources aimed at a civil discussion around this controversial topic, including an explanation of how the current US immigration system works.


Resources in our library:

​MGHS Online Library Catalog
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Taking your research to the web...

Taking your search out on the open web can quickly become overwhelming.  Controversial topics generate both news and editorial commentary. Because immigration is a "HOT" topic, it's important to recognize potential bias in the sources you find.

Uncovering media bias starts with recognizing when you are being a critical thinker and when you are being non-critical of the information your find.  Familiarize yourself with the various ways in which media bias can impact even authentic news sources, and then learn to watch for the red flags that indicate bias in the media.

Think tanks pool together experts to examine problems. But think tanks can be biased, depending on membership and funding. Learn how to recognize a think tank and use the information they offer critically.

Personal bias permeates today's news media. Pundits, in particular, can be difficult to spot because their shows are often aired alongside legitimate news broadcasts. While, theoretically, pundits are experts in their field and provide scholarly commentary it's not uncommon for popular pundits to move out of their own field of expertise to comment on controversial topics, such as immigration. Learn how to check an expert's credentials before you rely on their opinions or ideas. 

Other Useful Guides

Asking Essential Questions
Good research ALWAYS starts with a question. Remember to frame your research in inquiry.

Consider the Source
Review the resource evaluation skills you've already applied to your English 10 Pro/Con research and speech.

Guide to Critical Reading
Learn techniques for reading information media critically.

Paraphrase Indicators
Learn how to use paraphrase indicators as a lead in to properly paraphrased information.

You Do the Fact Check
Learn when and how to be your own media watchdog.

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