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Researching Hydrocarbons: Resources


Research Criteria

You will be preparing a 3-4 page paper focused around a hydrocarbon compound.  In preparing your paper for organic chemistry, meet these criteria:
  • Select a compound that contain carbon and hydrogen  (commonly called a hydrocarbon).  
  • Your  compound MAY also contain a halogen (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine).
  • You paper MAY include information about 
    • the physical properties
    • the history of
    • uses in industry
    • uses in home
    • ecological role
    • ecological effects
    • affect on humans
    • use in living systems, etc.
NOTE:  Compounds explored in class include"
  • methane
  • acetylene
  • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs)
  • hexane (pretty much any chemical that ends in -ane, -ene, or -yne),
  • vinyl
  • cumene
  • benzene
  • toluene
  • xylenes
  • stryrene.


Access Science  (database) is a great place to start.  This comprehensive science encyclopedia features articles on a variety of types of hydrocarbons.  Bibliography and Additional Readings sections include hyperlinks to informational sources.   
Resources in Context (database) will offer you a broad lens by which to search for information related to your hydrocarbon.  You'll find more than environmental impact here!  Be sure to try searches by your hydrocarbon's scientific name and by common names/products associated with the hydrocarbon.  You can also try Science Reference, provided by Wisconsin Badgerlink.
Ebsco eBooks offers you access to more than 8000 ebooks, all browseable and searchable online. While a search for "hydrocarbon" won't yield results, if you search by the issues related to your hydrocarbon, you'll find plenty of information.  You can also check out ebooks in our GVRL and Follett Shelf collections.
  GreenR (database) features up-to-date news, features, and academic sources regarding the environment, energy and natural resources. The nature of hydrocarbons make them a hot topic in this database. Go here if your focusing on environmental impact.
Consumer Health Complete, provided by Wisconsin Badgerlink, is a great source if you want to focus on the health concerns that arise related to your hydrocarbon.


Atlas of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources 
U.S. Department of Energy 

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