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These Hunger Games: The Games

The Victors




In Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games, mentors send useful tools to tributes in the arena using funds supplied by sponsors. Sponsorship is gained through public impressions made during televised interviews, training scores and performance in the arena.

Students with the highest scores on Day 3 of Training should check their emails for an important sponsorship bonus!

Hunger Games


District Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
District W1A  139 221 208.5 558.5
District K4A 52 150.5 145.5 348
District K5A 57 114.5 166 337.5
District W5A 57 145 162 364
District K5B


175 318.5 587.5

Note:  Classes with fewer students will receive 1/2 of the points made available in the Training Center for every student less the largest class.  This does not apply to special points awarded for impressing the president.

Day 1 Tribute Training (High Scores):   






Daniel Grady (15 pts)
Garrett H (11 pts)
Paige M (9 pts)
Jenna S (8 pts)
Olivia L
(8 pts)
Payton L (8 pts)
Sam G (8 pts)

Ethan B (8 pts)
Sequoia C (8 pts)
Kevin C (4 pts)
Kyle W (4 pts)
Laura L (4 pts)

Jadee C (5 pts)
Jenna W (5 pts)
Sara O (4 pts)
Zion S (4 pts)
Abigail K (8pts)
Ben V (7 pts)
Jacob F (5 pts)
Juli Anna K (5 pts)
Pablo J (5 pts)
Thomas A(5 pts)

Hayden S (14pts)
Isabella B (11pts)
Garett B (8pts)
Andrea W (5pts)
Jaqwone J (5pts)
Juniper N (5pts)
Taralyn P (5pts)
Trevor O (5pts


Day 2 Tributes (High Scores):  

W1A K4A  W5A K5A K5B

Paige M (23 pts)
Colleen R (19.5 pts)
Daniel G (18 pts)
16 pts each: Jenna, Kelsey, Morgan, Payton

Rayna C (20 pts)
Ethan B (19 pts)
Abigail K (16 pts)
Justin R (13 pts)
Sequoia C (13 pts)
The president is impressed that every person in this class has contributed to the class score.

Sarah O (23 pts)
Jenna W (21 pts)
Maelia D (17 pts)
Jadee C (11 pts)
Baxter B (11 pts)
Sam P (19 pts)
Avery T (16 pts)
Will S (13.5 pts)
Jacob F (12.5 pts)
Thomas A (12 pts)
Jenna R (21 pts)
Jack W (17.5 pts)
Jade H (15.5 pts)
Hayden S (14.5 pts)
Juniper N (13.5 pts)

Day 3 Tributes (High Scores):   

Paige M (36 pts)
Garret H (25.5 pts)
Colleen R (25 pts)
Kelsey Hilgart (24 pts)
Sylvia R (24 pts)
Rayna C (23.5 pts)
Ethan B (22.5 pts)
Sequia C (22.5 pts)
Lydia M (20 pts)
Blake H (19 pts)
Sarah O (31pts)
Ellie T (27 pts)
Jenna W (23.5 pts)
Katie S (23.5 pts)
Jadee C (19.5 pts)
Maelia D (19.5 pts)

Avery T (26.5 pts)
Samantha P (23.5 pts)
Thomas A (22 pts)
Ben M (18.5 pts)
Jacob F (18.5 pts)

Jennah R (40 pts)
Andrea W (31 pts)
Juniper N (30.5 pts)
Alyssa K (28.5 pts)
Rebecca P (28.5 pts)

Hall of Fame

2016-2017:    Bella Rivera, Class of 2020     |     Lydia Miller, Class of 2020
2015-2016:    Tyler Hengst, Class of 2019     |     Elizabeth Ng, Class of 2019
2014-2015:    Mary Binzley, Class of 2018     |     Angelique Steenhagen, Class of 2018   

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