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These Hunger Games: Welcome!

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Our play--these games--host serious learning. Just as the games in Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games lay on the surface of a great social injustice and rebellion, these games will unveil the provocations and purposes behind the great thinkers of that period we call "the enlightenment."


Mr. Keyes (a.k.a Peeta), advocates the role that each player's individual intellect plays in these games. He once said, "I keep wishing I could think of a show the Capitol that they don't own me. That I'm more than just a piece in their Games."  Your teachers encourage you to share more than facts you have found. Display your own thinking in what you present in These Hunger Games.

Mr. Roth believes his role in these games echoes that of Cinna. Both artist and rebel, Cinna's designs provide the tribute with the concepts that will lead to success in the arena and beyond.  Your teachers help you to learn and recognize the ideas and important concepts that will allow you to successfully participate in these games.

Ms. Ziegelmeir, much like Effie Trinket, is noted both for her sense of style and her upbeat approach to these games.  However, one shouldn't let outward cheerfulness of either lady fool them into complacency.  Effie was a rebel and Ms. Z is, after all, a teacher. She is determined that her tributes not only win, but that they learn skills that will carry far beyond the final game day.  

Mr. Jefferson sees his role in these games a similar to that of Haymitch Abernathy,a mentor to the tributes from his district. Just as Haymitch will provides his tributes with the tools needed to complete tasks during game, your teachers introduce you to the skills and tools that will help you complete your work in these games.

Mr. Kumm's role mirrors that of Gale Hawthorne, a rebel leader from outside of the games.  He is fierce in his devotion (to learning) and a visionary.  He wants you to know that the hard work you do outside of the classroom is the stuff of serious learning and important to your success.

Mrs. Cowell takes on a role that will remind you of President Snow, who orchestrates the games. Coriolanus Snow shares his name with Shakespeare's character, Coriolanus. Written in 1608 during the Enlightenment period, the play, Coriolanus, dramatizes the power struggle between patricians and plebians, where Coriolanus "run[s] reeking o'er the lives of men, as if 'twere a perpetual spoil."  Your librarian curates sources that will be help you in achieving your goals, but she will also make demands of you, test you, and ultimately judge you. 

Intrigued? Read Shakespeare's Coriolanus and learn more about the literary elements of the book at Schmoop.

Welcome! Tributes, welcome to...

I am an investigator by inclination.
I feel a great thirst for knowledge. - Immanuel Kant

I'm hungry for knowledge. The whole thing is
to learn every day,to get brighter and brighter.
That's what this world is about.
 ~ Jay Z

Stupid people are dangerous.
- Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games                          

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