Literary Awards

Carter G. Woodson Award
This is an annual award, presented by the National Council for Social Studies, honoring social science books that depict ethnicity in the United States.

Jane Addams Children's Book Award
This award has been presented annually since 1953, honoring books that promote peace, social justice, and racial/gender equality.  Sponsored by the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom.<

Notable Books for a Global Society
This list is published by the International Reading Association's Notable Books for a Global Society Committee.  Featuring 25 books annually, the lists honors books that encourage students to understand, accept, and celebrate cultural diversity, both within the U.S. and globally.


Teaching Strategies for Equity

Strategies for Teaching

Help all students make a connection between the past and the present. Share resources that feature modern cultures alongside those historical cultures that may fuel stereotypes.

Present all sides of a story.  Provide readings and other media experiences from a variety of viewpoints, including minority cultures, women and other marginalized groups.

Challenge students to make personal connections by inviting them to locate and share resources that provide insight into their own or their ancestoral experiences.

Identify both individual and cultural learning styles within a class group and invite differentiation based on these.

Teach math and science contributions from diverse groups of people. Identify contributing players who may have been denied credit at the time of a scientific discovery because of social mores or prejudices of the times.

Emphasize real-world applications and benefits in math, science and other technical fields.  Encourage students to identify applications within their own cultural experience.

What Your Library Can Do...

Strategies for Libraries (including ours!)

Libraries empower the individual.

Libraries support literacy and lifelong learning.

Libraries are the great equalizer.

Libraries build communities.

Libraries protect the right to know.

Libraries help us to better understand each other.

SOURCE: Barbara Stripling’s 2013-2014 ALA Presidential Libraries Change Lives initiative.


Resources to start with...

 America Healing Guides and Workshop Resources includes links to dozens of online resources aimed at helping leaders to organize and mobilize change, including:

Cannon, S. G. (2011). Think, Care, Act : Teaching for a Peaceful Future. Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age Publishing.

 Civil Rights Data Snapshot (March, 2014)  Features College and Career Readiness data shared by the U.S. Dept of Education highlighting inequities in program placement for students.

 Diversity Toolkit  This site is part of a funded project to assist teachers, students, scholars, or any activists who wish to promote equity and acceptance of differences within schools and communities.

 Equitable Classroom Practices Institute (at Rice University)  Identifies strategies you can put to use in your science and math classrooms immediately.

 Films that Highlight Societal Issues  Published by an organization dedicated to making films that address social issues and encourage critical thinking about values and beliefs, this site provides educators many resources for classroom media.

 Interactive Equity Map (Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation)

Paludi, M. A. (2011). The Psychology of Teen Violence and Victimization. Santa Barbara, Calif:  Praeger.

 Rethinking Schools  Committed to equity in public educaiton, this online and print magazine emphasizes problems facing urban schools, particularly issues of race.  Print copy available in our library.

 Teaching Tolerance  Receive free materials, including the bi-annual magazine Teaching Tolerance, as well as online classroom resources.  Print copy available in our library.

 Teaching for Change   Building Social Justice Starting in the Classroom

Wetherell, M., & Mohanty, C. T. (2010). The SAGE Handbook of Identities. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

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