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MGHS eBook Manual: Mackin eBooks



Mackin VIA

MackinVIA offers MGHS students with access to e-book versions of  many of our non-fiction and fiction titles.  This access ensures students 27/7 access, 12 months a year.  The MackinVia  interface also acts as a portal to our other ebook collections, redirecting you quickly to the correct interface for reading and search those books.  You will also find these books in our library catalog.

MackinVIA eReader app
(Google Play iTunes | Kindle | Chromebook | Mac | Windows)
The MackinVIA app allows you to read MackinVIA titles on your smart phones.  


Activate your personal MackinVia account on any computer at school by clicking here.  Then

  • Click on the access button (bottom of screen). 
  • Click on the backpack icon (upper right corner) and select "Favorites."
  • Click on the work "Register" at the bottom of the screen.
  • We suggest that you use your first.last name to register and your student ID number as a password.  This will ensure that your MackinVia account matches all of your other library accounts.

Learn more here.  Watching the tutorial video is very helpful.

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