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MGHS eBook Manual: Borrowing a Nook


Nooks Available

Not everyone owns an e-Reader.  And while you can always read books from our Overdrive collection on your computer or smart device, reading on an e-Reader can be a more comfortable experience for some.  

The MGHS Library offers 7 Nooks for check-out by students and staff.  The Nooks come preloaded with books, or you can read Overdrive books from our library on them if you prefer.  

Students will only be allowed to borrow the Nook for a single consecutive book loan period.  They must then return that device to allow another student to borrow it.  If another Nook is available, they may check that device out.  This policy prevents students from taking undue "ownership" of any single Nook.

Using the library's shared Nooks to access our Overdrive system requires some simple steps to ensure that you'll have access to your books during the checkout period.

1. Check a Nook out from the circulation desk.

2.  Just as a personally owned Nook is authorized to the owner's Adobe ID, our nooks are authorized to our library's Adobe Digital IDs.   

3.  While connected to the internet (this will happen automatically, within the school building), log into YOUR Overdrive account. DO NOT allow the Nook to remember your password to protect your own account quotas.  

4.  Browse, borrow and download (or read online).  The book(s) you borrow will be available to you for the specified check out time in the Overdrive app.  

5.  Upon returning the Nook, delete your expired titles and be sure to sign out of your Overdrive account.


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