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MGHS eBook Manual: Follett Shelf


What is Follett Shelf?

FollettShelf is a virtual book shelf that allows you to easily access and browse eBooks we've purchased as part of our regular library collection, through Follett.  

Read Follett eBooks on nearly any device that's connected to the internet with a web browser, or by using the BryteWave K-12 Edition app to read on or offline. You can:

  • Enjoy the reflowable text that makes reading a breeze, no matter the screen size. 
  • Choose your own text size and screen background preferences to create a reading experience that works best for you.
  • Annotate (take notes) right in the books, on or offline!

If you have a tablet or smartphone, you will want to take advantage of Follett Shelf's free mobile apps. Simply install:  

Destiny Quest Mobile (free).  
This app allows you to search our entire collection (print and ebooks), anywhere, anytime.  Enter the 
Destiny URL:

Follett BryteWave K-12 app (free). 
GooglePlay | iTunes | Nook HD | Kindle HD | MAC | Windows | Browser
This is Follett's ereader app that will open automatically when you begin reading Follett Shelf titles  
Follett Shelf URL:


Using the Brytewave Reader  


Install and open the Brytewave K-12 App.


Select our collection: Monona Grove High School -53716 (URL:


Log in with your library username and password. HINT:  Your password  is your student ID#.  Click on My Library (top) to browse and checkout books.


Click on My eReader (top) to read books checked out to you. NOTE: If you don't see the titles you've checked out, hit the refresh   button. Open the book and select "Continue Reading Online" or Download the title for offline reading. Enjoy!


You can take notes in books checked out to you (on or offline). The notes will remain with your account, so if you return the book and check it out again later, your notes will be saved for you.


If you finish with the book, you can return it early.

Need more help?  Check out these guides targeted at your specific needs.

Library Information and Media Center - Monona Grove High School - Monona, Wisconsin

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