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Game Design to Learn: The Place

 The Objects

  • Frame a problem to initiate play. 
  • Do you research.  Know what your players will need to know to succeed.  
  •  Identify the end goal of play. 

The Game Mechanics

  • Map out a path to the end goal. 
  • Select play mechanics that will appeal to your players.







The setting where game takes place.  This is sometimes  referred to as "world building."

  • Will this world be a modeled after a real place?
  • Will simulations stay true to events?

A setting enhances the play experience, establishes a narrative that engages interest, and provides context for decision making. Too much freedom within the world can result in both confusion and chaos.

  • Hyrule (Zelda Series)
  • Los Santos (GTA V)
  • New York (Spiderman)


Spaces within a world with special purposes (rooms, sandbox, etc).

  • How do these special areas enhance play?
  • How do these areas support the theme of your game?

Areas of play allow for diversion from regular play. They are useless unless they have a purpose.

  • Water Temple (Zelda Series)



The goal or goals players are trying to achieve during play,.

  • How are these objectives reflected in the theme of your game?


  • Defeat Bowser and Save the Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Series)

"Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions - SFWA." SFWA. N. p., 2009.  

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