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Wolves in Wisconsin: Research and Debate

Wolves in Wisconsin

This is a hot topic, and it's debatable.  Remember that in debate, it's not about who shouts the loudest. It's all about EVIDENCE.  If you're making a claim, your claim will be stronger when you back it up with opinion of an expert or affiliated sponsor.   

Take notes! Keep track of keywords, ideas and the experts who present them.  You'll need to build your credibility on the expertise of others.

Keep current!  There are ongoing developments in this topic.  Check daily for new information!

Recognize opinion (editorial)!  It is very important to establish the credibility of the author when you use this information.


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The Wisconsin Wolf Harvest

Information Graphics

Information graphics offer researchers facts and statistics and help us visualize and compare that information...all in a compact package!


Click on the image below to visit the Wisconsin Wolf Harvest interactive map.

More infographics:

Predator Patrol (
Wolf Wars (
Wolves Keep Yellowstone in Balance (

Speak Your Mind

Our Speak Your Mind guide outlines the type of talking points you'll need to win the debate.  

Our Paraphrase Indicators guide will help you borrow credibility from the experts.

Media Bias Uncovered and Thinking about Personal Bias in the News Media are two guides that will help you learn to recognize opinion, even when it isn't explicitly marked as editorial.

Class Article Bank

Class Article Bank

Before Wolves May Be Hunted, Science, Faith and Politics Clash (New York Times)
This national article focuses in on the many layers of debate occurring within Wisconsin over the reintroduction of wolves.
 Dog Deaths Set a Record; Forty Were Killed by Wolves During State Bear Hunt Season (October, 2016, WSJ)

 Federal Appeals Court to Consider Future of Endangered Species Act Protection for Wolves
Press release dated 10/17/2016, issued by the Center for BIological Diversity.

Federal Protection of Gray Wolves May Be Lifted, Agency Says (New York Times)
Discusses the wolf debate on a national level with hyperlinks to additional information and sources.

Finding a Middle Ground for the Gray Wolf (New York Times)
This slideshow highlights the collaborative efforts of conservationists and rangers in Montana to find solutions to the problem.

 For More Wonder, Rewild the World (TED Talk)
George Monbiot "imagines a wilder world in which humans work to restore the complex, lost natural food chains that once surrounded us."

In the Valley of the Wolves (PBS Nature Video)
This documentary follows "a three year story of the fall and rise of the most famous wolves in America."

Take notes while you watch/listen to video/audio documentaries and news reports.  Be sure to jot down the name of experts and any revealed credentials.  Using Google, you can often locate additional material related to your topic that has been published by this expert and affiliated organizations.  





Gray Wolf in Wisconsin (Wisconsin DNR)
The DNR's site provides links to information about the species, depredations and volunteer monitoring programs in the state.  Be sure to check out the wolf maps and the wolf caution sections for the most recent updates on data.

Guide for Minnesota Farms & Ranchers Living in Wolf Territory (MN Dept. of Agriculture)
This site offers insight into the effects of wolf depredation of livestock and pets.

History of Wolves in Wisconsin
This .pdf factsheet (download it to your Google Drive) provides the history essential to understanding the current status of wolves in Wisconsin, along with helpful graphics.

Hunting Wolves, Saving Wolves (PBS Now)
This video report was created in response to the removal of federal protection of wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

 Medicine of the Wolf
This companion site to a film by the same name examines the "powerful relationship we have with the wolf" by wildlife ecologists and Native American leaders.

 Norway Has 68 Wolves Left and It Wans to Kill 47 of Them 
October 20, 2016 news release from the Natural Resource Defense Council

 The One and Only Wolf Species of North America
Published in the New York Times (accessed via SIRS), this July 2016 article considers the conservation of wolf species vs. hybrids.

 Progressive Wildlife Policy Should Reflect Public Values 
October 6, 2016 article published on Indian Country.

 Possible Bill to De-List Wolves as Endangered (October 24, 2016)  - WHBL Sheyboygan

This article appeared just last week!  Be sure to check out the latest news on this topic using Google's NEWS and through Newswires and Newspaper Source Plus.



Reintroducing Wolves into National Parks Could Restore Ecosystems  (Audubon)
This article outlines how wolves help to restore ecosystems in our national parks.

Scientists Say Wisconsin Needs More Wolves (Badger Herald)
This news report cites important research in support of wolve protection.

Write down the names of scientists and research organizations cited here. These are keywords you can use to locate additional or updated information.



 Swings in Management Challenge Wolf Conservation in Wisconsin
This article discusess a case study of wolf conservation in Wisconsin and outlines the increase in illegal killings, along with difficulties in law enforcement.  

 Wolf Attacks on Cattle, Dogs Rise; Wisconsin Population Growing, Still on List of Endangered Species (August, 2016, WSJ)
 Wolf Summit Leans Towards Delistment (September, 2016, WSJ)

Wolves at the Door (OnWisconsin)
This article highlights interviews with both advocates and opponents of wolf reintroduction.

Look for editorials and other sources that present bias or opinions. Note first person point-of-view, belief statements and suggested solutions. Watch out for superlatives and inflammatory language.  Ask yourself, "What is the author's area of expertise?"  How might this impact the opinion of the author.  




Research Databases

Access Science (database)

This is a great general science encyclopedia and useful for when you need to clarify your understanding of the concepts related to the issues you'll be researching and debating.

Resources in Context (database)

This comprehensive database will provide you with a variety of resources.  Pay special attention to the news section.
SIGN IN with Google and you'll be able to gather notes electronically.

SIRs Pro/Con (database)
  This database specializes in providing resources from varied points-of-view.  

Again, you need to identify when an article is an editorial or otherwise presents  bias. Ask yourself, "What is the author's area of expertise?"  How might this impact the opinion of the author?

Wisconsin Badgerlink

Badgerlink is a collection of resources provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  Check out Science Reference Center (which includes the International Wolves magazine).  For up-to-date news, search:  

Library Information and Media Center - Monona Grove High School - Monona, Wisconsin

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