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Organic Molecules in Modern Society: Overview

Chemical Reactions:  Exploring Chemical Controversies in Modern Society

Research like a scholar!

Wikipedia is an open-edited source that is fine for every day needs, though you'll always have to evaluate the articles you find her for "experts quoted and sources noted."  Scholarpedia offers a similar platform that is PEER REVIEWED.  This means that experts within the related field of study will review any submission before it is published to the resource.  "Peer reviewed" is a great indicator of reliability.

Google is a surface SEARCH ENGINE.  It's algorithms return thousands (and sometimes overwhelming) of resources based on a search for the keywords in your query.  Many of them will be commercial in nature, non-expert opinion, or other unreliable information.

Google Scholar works differently, acting as an INDEX of scholarly resources submitted and referenced by academic researchers across the world.  Learn more about how Google Scholar works in our guide, Go Google Scholar.  

Google Scholar Search


 Student Resources in Context  Global Issues-in-Context

This set of authoritative databases from GALE provides researches with authoritative resources across a variety of media not available on the open web.  The databases feature a great set of note-taking tools that are integrated  into Google apps and classroom. 

SIRs Pro/Con
If you're researching a controversial issue, you'll find resources here that focus on different viewpoints and analysis.  Go here for current events and opinion related to your topic that will help you formulate essential questions that demand more scientific research.

The go-to source for Wisconsin schools and colleges, Badgerlink offers a collection of databases for all levels of learners, across fields of study.  Any student headed to college needs to familiarize themselves with these tools.  Any citizen planning ot make Wisconsin their home needs to remember this awesome resource is at their disposal.

More Resources

American Chemistry Council
An organization of chemistry-based companies focused on innovation alongside protection of our environment and health.  The search engine at the bottom allows you to seek information on specific application of chemicals in today's industries.  The drop down list works better than a keyword search.

Chem Spider (Royal Society of Chemistry)
This free chemical structure databases offers access to resources from hundreds of data resources.

A news and information source designed for scientist that features the Chemistry Views online science magazine, a collection of videos that includes interviews with prominent scientists, and much more.  Browse or search.
Chemistry World is an online science magazine published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.  The search feature will help you identified articles related to a specific chemistry compound or concept.
Compound iNTEREST is a blog maintained by chemistry educator, Andy Brunning, based in Cambridge, U.K.. The site features interesting information graphics related to the understanding of chemistry in everyday life.  If you decide to use graphics from this site, be sure to check for permissible use guidelines on the ABOUT page.
Access the data generated through the many government agencies that work with and analyze chemical compounds.  Try using additional search terms to narrow your search.

PubChem (National Center for Biotechnology Information)
This search tool retrieves information divided on compounds, substances, and bioassays.
Examine current regulations related to chemical compounds and their use in our society.

The Sceptical Chymist  (BLOG)
Hosted by Springer Nature under a Macmillian Publishers copyright, this blog offers both posts and access to scholarly articles via it's search engine.

"Speaking of Chemistry is your source for need-to-know chemistry news in minutes."  This series of videos, published by the Americn Chemical Society, "highlights facinating, weird, and timely topics from the chemical sciences."

Toxnet: Toxicology Data Network (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
Resource for searching databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Identify current topics of concern related to chemical compounds and their impact on environmental health.

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