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Kashmir: Modern People Dispute Ancient Lands: Index

Modern People Dispute Ancient Lands: Who should rule in the Kashmir Valley?



The Establishment of Special Status

This section offers summaries of three key historical documents that highlight the understanding under which Jammy and Kashmir established their relationship with India:  
  • The Instrument of Accession of Jammu and Kashmir (1947); 
  • Article 370 of the Indian Constitution (1947); 
  • Presidential Order of 1954 / Article 35A (1954)

Global Perspectives

These documents provide an overview of how the world views the situation in the Kashmir Valley fifty and more years after disputes began.  Documents include
  • an analysis by the Carter Center (2002)
  • an interview with a journalist on the ground in Kashmi (2016). 

Local Perspectives

This selection of documents (including video) highlights the perspectives of three religious groups (Hindi, Muslim, Sikh) who have often found themselves stuck within borders that are unfriendly to their cultural way of life.  You'll also have the opportunity to examine cultural documents, in the form of poetry and music, produced by people impacted by the unrest and violence.

Revocation of Special Status

Use these documents and videos to consider the presidential order and legislation that revoked the special status Jammu and Kashmir under India. Take a careful look at what India's crackdown on Kashmir looks like.  


Document Analysis: (Google Doc) (Printable)

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