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Game Day

3rd World Farmer 
This game simulates things in the real-world that cause and sustain poverty. Players get to manage an African farm and will be confronted with the often difficult choices that poverty and conflict necessitate.

80 days   
This game lets players create their own route around the world with an alternate history setting that features a large range of characters that represent diversity in our world.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday 
1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a choice driven, narrative game that brings players into the brooding world of a nation on the verge of collapse. Play as Reza, an aspiring photojournalist, and make life and death decisions as you survive the gritty streets of Iran in the late 1970’s.

 "Game Director Shifts From 'Grand Theft Auto' To Iranian Revolution." N. p., 2013. Web. 5 Feb. 2019.

Against All Odds 
Experience the global refugee experience "from the time people are forced to leave their countries of origin to the beginning of their new life abroad. A series of short challenges illustrates the complexity and danger of the refugee experience."

Arguement Wars
Ever tried to win a disagreement? In Argument Wars, you will try out your persuasive abilities by arguing a real Supreme Court case. The other lawyer is your competition. Whoever uses the strongest arguments wins! Player Impact Guide | Parent Impact Guide (ASU)

Ayiti: The Cost of Life 
A role-playing game that focuses on issues of poverty as an obstacle to education, using Haiti as a case study.

The player is responsible for the fate of two interconnected planets: the Manufactured Planet, a place of clockwork machinery and choking smog, is on the verge of collapse, and its sister planet, the lush and diverse Natural Planet, will die along with it unless something is done. 

BlindSide is a single-player, audio-horror adventure game for iOS, PC, and Mac with no visual display.  The player plays as Case, a man whom – along with the rest of the city – has gone inexplicably blind.  Case and his girlfriend, Dawn, find themselves struggling not only to navigate without sight, but also to avoid the people-eating monsters that have appeared throughout the city.  

An art & arcade installation developed to portray the dangers Mexican immigrants face in order to give the next generation a better future. There's a downloadable version you can play, too.

"Why This Mexican-American Designed A Video Game That Simulates Border Crossings." HuffPost UK. N. p., 2017. Web. 5 Feb. 2019.

Bury Me, My Love   
A reality inspired interactive book where you follow and help in the the life of Syrian refugees.

The Case of the Cyber Criminal (Federal Trade Commission)
A techie spy and his cunning crew are out to get yourpersonal information. Stop them cold by proving you're ready to protect yourself online.

The Cat in the Hijab
A cat wearing a hijab (a headscarf) boards the subway on her daily commute. What interactions await her over the course of her commute, and how does she react to them?

Chair the Fed 
Learn how monetary policy works by taking charge of a simulated economy.

A Closed World 
You are in control of a character of ambiguous gender that begins exploring a forest on the edge of town. Disregarding rumors of “demons” that exist in the forest who have the ability to “destroy” your village, your character must overcome the hardships of a forbidden relationship by exploring what lies inside the forest.

Crossroads Villiage 
The player takes the role of a relief organization in dealing with world hunger and other 3rd world crises.  

Dafur is Dying 
Provides a window into the experience of the 2.5 million refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan. It was designed to raise awareness of the genocide taking place in Darfur and to empower college students to help stop the crisis. 

Data Dealer
A clever game about surveillance and privacy.

Players to assume the role of a trainee assistant data protection manager in the town of DataVille. faced with various daily dilemmas and specific questions. Every decision has an impact on the organization of the community. Players have to comply with certain constraints – a daily allotted time, a tight budget, a low salary.

ElectroCity is an online computer game that lets players manage their own virtual towns and cities impact on sustainability and environmental management.

Endgame: Eurasia
In this news simulation, explore events unfolding in around modern war. Replay events to change final outcomes.

Fallout Shelter  
Built the perfect vault, oversee a thriving community, explore the wasteland and protect your vault.

Facts and Futures (Online)
A sci-fi puzzle pattern matching game about decoding broadcasts from an uncertain source. It paints a bleak picture of the result of widespread belief in untruths.

You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies. Use your imagination to design your factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures, apply management skills to keep it working, and protect it from the creatures who don't really like you.

Fake It to Make It 
Fake It To Make It is a simulation-style game where players take on the role of someone creating and distributing fake news for profit. Players learn how misinformation is created, spread, and emotionally targeted, and leave better prepared to be skeptical of misinformation that they encounter in the future.

Financial Football
Financial Soccer
Do you have what it takes? Visa and the professional sports leagues have teamed up to create fast-paced, interactive games that engage financial literacy skills.

Free Culture
A game about the struggle between free culture and copyright. Create and defend the common knowledge from the vectorial class. Liberate the passive consumers from the domain of the market. Player Impact Guide | Parent Impact Guide (ASU)

Free Rice
Simple. Donate rice through the World Food Program as you play.

Garbage Dreams
This game invites players to attempt to recycle trash as the Zaballeen.  These people impressively recycle 80% of the trash they collect in Cairo.

Gen i Revolution
Join the Gen i Revolution, strategically select your Operatives, and begin to explore and earn points as they work to complete each mission to help people in financial trouble.

Experimental game in which you play a young mother trying to calm her crying baby with a lullaby while hiding from hutu soldiers in Rwanda.

Liyla and the Shadows of War 
Based on historical events, this game is centered around the story of a girl who lives in Gaza. Players are challenged to avoid bombs, drones, and other hazards as they navigate the war-torn strip. Puzzles, changes in the environment, and difficult decisions all threaten surival.

A simple homage to the victims of terrorist attacks.  Difficult to achieve.

Migrant Trail
Companion game to the documentary, The Undocumented, a player can examine the life of migrants and border patrol agents on the U.S.-Mexico border. The multiple facets behind these two sides are constructed to be complimentary rather than oppositional.

In the virtual economy, where everyone is on a mission and everyone plays a role, it's up to you to choose how you live your virtual life: Will you be going for riches, power, new friends, or would you rather be a politician? ​Trade and make a career by being a police officer, mayor of one of the many cities, real estate agent, bank manager or even president in this MMO community with active and friendly players.

Wendenheimer, Gwen et al. "10 Ways Multiplayer Gaming Economies Reflect Real World Economy." Business Pundit. N. p., 2018. Web. 5 Feb. 2019.

This is a nation-building simulation. Create a nation according to your political ideals and care for its people. Or deliberately oppress them. It's up to you.

Be the protagonist of the petroleum era: explore and drill around the world, corrupt politicians, stop alternative energies and increase the oil addiction. Be sure to have fun before the resources begin to deplete.

Online Lineup  
Are you a shrewd online shopper who can spot a risky offer? Peruse our sales pitches to find out. You decide who gets your business and who gets the boot. From the Federal Trade Commission.

Papers Please 
"Congratulations. The October labor lottery is complete. Your name was pulled. For immediate placement, report to the Ministry of Admission at Grestin Border Checkpoint. An apartment will be provided for you and your family in East Grestin. Expect a Class-8 dwelling." Player Impact Guide | Parent Impact Guide (ASU)

"In Our Connected World, What If Empathy Is Learning?." KQED. N. p., 2018. Web. 5 Feb. 2019.

Parable of the Polygons 
This is a "playable blog post" that looks like an article, but contains dozens of games that let players learn by doing. The game demonstrates how harmless choices can make a harmful world, how small individual biases can become large institutional biases. The game is based off the work of Nobel Prize winning game theorist, Thomas Schelling.

"PeaceMaker challenges you to succeed as a leader where others have failed. Experience the joy of bringing peace to the Middle East or the agony of plunging the region into disaster. PeaceMaker will test your skills, assumptions and prior knowledge."

Phone Story
Device based game designed tto provoke a critical reflection on its own technological platform. Under the shiny surface of our electronic gadgets, behind its polished interface, hides the product of a troubling supply chain that stretches across the globe.

Brown, Mark et al. "Apple Bans Phone Story Game That Exposes Seedy Side Of Smartphone Creation.WIRED. N. p., 2019. Web. 5 Feb. 2019.

Plague, Inc  
Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero'. Now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself. 

This 3D narrative game features a series of characters with whom the player can interact. The player can move between the future and the present as they complete puzzles and conversations to see affect change. When the game is completed a montage depicting the future sums up the consequences of the players choices.

The Protester (Online)
a game set in the Eastern European country of Romania, which has recently experienced massive protests against a self-serving government.

This three episode story follows the development of a futuristic space colony. Issues arise. Can you, as captain, sort fact from opinion and weigh the arguements of your people to arrive at the most ethical decision?

Real Lives
You are the World. This is a licensed based simulation that allows you to build and live a life in other parts of the world, as affected by real world situations and resources.

NOTE: The library has a dozen licenses that can be transfered between students. Please see Mrs. Cowell if you are interested in playing this game.

Sea Hero Quest (   
"It’s not just a game, it’s a quest to help scientists fight dementia!” In fact playing SEA HERO QUEST for just 2 minutes will generate the equivalent of 5 hours of lab-based research data. Navigate Arctic Rivers, Golden Shores, Mystic Marshes, Kano Reefs and High Roller storms, collect memories in your journal and chase magical creatures like Adorabella, Galleo and Octopoid. Collect as many starfish as possible and use them to customise your boat with a new lick of paint, a host of flags and much more!

"Want People to Volunteer as Lab Rats? Turn your science into a N. p., 2019. Web. 6 Feb. 2019.

You are invited to enter the world of the sweatshop and become a factory worker. Do you accept the challenge? Can you tirelessly make sports shoes for less than a dollar an hour as you struggle to support your family?

A text-based choose-your-own-adventure game where players assume the life of someone living on the poverty line and must make choices -- such as whether to buy food or medication -- based on their income and on the events that occur. 

This War of Mine 
Instead of playing as a soldier, you play this game as a civilian who's trying to survive a besieged city. Take a look at first person shooters from a totally new angle.

Trading Around the World (IMF) 
Play this game to experience the challenges and excitement of international trade. See if you can get the best price for the goods you sell and the biggest bargains for the goods you buy. Watch how the global economy is doing: the prices you'll be able to get and the deals you can make depend on how healthy the global economy is.

Virtonomics Business Wars 
An MMO economic simulators that let's you build an empire while dealing with the tough stuff (poer, courge, cunning, strategy, and survival).  

Wake Up
A normal person living in a not so normal country. Experience Wake Up and how your day to day actions and choices can change your own world and the world of the people around you. 

Playes enter into a 2D environment to explore alone and eventually come across another random player. Your only way to communicate crucial information is through gestures and non-verbal sounds.

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