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Get the Word Out: Developing a PSA

A "disclaimer" disclaimer...

As a student, you have certain "fair use" rights that permit you to include copyrighted materials in your school reports and presentations.  However, there is a catch.  These cannot be published to any online platform that would allow access to the project outside of the classroom setting.  This means, NO YouTube, NO FaceBook, etc.  Neither can they be saved for future use by you or your teacher.

Any work you plan to share outside of the classroom or use later should be appropriately cited and permissions sought for inclusion of copyrighted elements.  Your best bet?  Use original work OR elements expressly published to the creative commons.

Contact information

If your "call to action" encourages or requires the audience to connect to a specific person or organization, it's always a good thing to include the specifics in your credits (if you haven't provided it in screen captions).  An web address or phone number is the easiest to include. 

Rapidly reading voiceover credits

Commercials sometimes include credits that are rapidly read aloud at the end of the production.  A word of caution, when creating a public service announcement.  

  • Rapidly read credits imply information that is less than important, so why include it?
  • Many people associate this type of narration with the concept of a "disclaimer." Doubts may arise about  truthfulness and credibility.
  • This type of narration at the end of a PSA can detract from the impact of your tagline.  

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