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Extensions Bistro: Desserts

These apps encourage choice, autonomy, authenticity, collaboration, variety, motivation for a truly sweet finish!

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Translate and save terminology to flashcards for self-study.  

Google Translate

Power Thesaurus

Flashcard for Google Dictionary/Translate||


Quickly open this zooming collaborative whiteboard.


Google Hangouts
Click and start a conversation.


This extension is serious!  Configure the app to allow a specific amount of time daily on time wasting sites and once you hit that mark,  it’ll block your access for the rest of the day. Invite students to take control when they need to.


Organize bookmarks, mind-map style. Share and collaborate. (SSO)

Collaboratively annotate, highlight, and tag web pages and PDF docs.



Padlet Mini
Bookmark websites directly onto a Padlet project.

Nutritional Values (UDL)

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