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Extensions Bistro: Chef's Special

Try out these favorite selections from the chef's private menu. These extensions facilitate research and independent learning.

Our Menu

Destiny Discover
Installed, this app will work behind the scenes to search your library at the same time you search Google.


Google Scholar Button Click to display a box of scholarly articles related to your current Google search results.  



Diigo Web Collector
Capture, annotate, and outline the information you find online. Works with a Diigo account.


Evernote Web Clipper
Collect information and save it to your online notebooks.  Works with Evernote.


Save to Google Drive
A “throw it in your locker and deal with it later” approach, but great in a pinch.


Clip It Good
Right click and save a photo directly to Google Photos for use in any project.
During the gathering phase of research, being able to skim an article before selecting it is an important skill.  The extension helps.



Cite This For Me

Check My Links
Students creating documents for an authentic audience will use link-outs to resources that establish the credibility of their work. Use this one to make sure all links in page work, prior to sharing.



Destiny Collections (SSO) allows students to develop a collection resources designed around a theme or concept. Their audience? Other learners in our school district.


PinIt Button
Allows you to pin things directly to individual or shared Pinterest boards. Annotate, tag, and share.


Click and create quick cards for your Trello boards.   

eLink Collect & Share Web Links Visually
Save websites to your eLink collections.

Gather information online, annotate and share.  View them as a mindmap and comment.  

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