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Extensions Bistro: Entrees

This is the main course and there are so many options to satisfy each individual's appetite and learning style. 

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The ultimate grammar checker, this one teaches as it corrects.  A MUST try!



Take Notes

Install and this extension runs in the background. Click for a new tab on which you can take notes that are automatically backed up to your Google Drive without sign up or log in).  


Google Keep
Post it notes more your style?  Save websites, images, and notes for later access using the extension to feed your Google Keep collection.


VoiceNote II

Extension activates the Chrome speech to text writer app.  Students can record their thougths and save as text files.


Markup and annotate PDFs and online documents.


Print Friendly & PDF  
Print it as a PDF and take the opportunity edit and annotate before you save.


Install and this extension will activate anytime a student highlights text, allowing them to comment and save their notes to Google.




Take a simple screenshot and and edit online before saving.

Fireshot Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely
Super fast screenshot extension allows you to save to clipboard, send to email or print.

Creates a screenshot every minute and saves to Google.  Great for assessing student process!


Capture video of your actions on screen.  Great way to demonstrate (and assess) process.

Webcam Record
Click and record to save a video directly to Google Drive. A shortened link is ready for you on your clipboard, if you need to insert it into communication or presentation software.

Easy way for students to capture, narrate and instantly share videos.  (Google SSO)


And more...


Rocket Map
Pin geographical places mentioned in an article on a Google Map.


Padlet Mini
Bookmark websites directly onto a Padlet project.
This plugin allows to watch videos on YouTube and other sites and create personal in-video bookmarks, annotations and comments which you can then share with you students and friends. Ignore the extension and go straight to the web page.  It works better.


Scrible Toolbar
Create a library of bookmarks, annotations, and citations for research and sharing. Works with Scrible (SSO).

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