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Extensions Bistro: Soup or Salad


Are you in the mood for something with a lot of crunch, or would a hearty soup be more to your taste? The best restaurants give you plenty of choice. Provide multiple options for getting new information to your students.


This extension activates an audio equalizer that works on any audio you find on the web.  Support student listening!

Open Side by Side
Better for students, this one only works on Chromebooks.  It allows students to right click and open any link in a new window alongside the open window.

Dim some!  Apply an adjustable color filter to your screen to make reading online less stressful.   

Invert the illumination of a website (white to black) to easy eye strain.

Screen Shader
Powered by F.lux, schedule a Chromebook screen to dim blue light during evening hours to decrease eye-strain, fatigue and disruption of your brain’s day/night cycle.

BeeLine Reader
This tool supports readers by using a color gradient to guide their eyes during the reading process.

Line Height Adjuster
This simple tools adjusts the line-height of web page text to make it easier for developing readers to visually track what they are reading.

A customizable tool that allows students to adjust  font style, size and colors to make online articles more readable.

Read Aloud NEW!
This one allows special order! Change the speed, pitch, volume and text highlighting to suit your own tastes!  

Read & Write   
With the free version, students can highlight, leave sticky notes, and search the web for more understanding.  

Installed, this allows kids to select and right click to activate read-aloud.

Selection Reader
Cut and paste into this one. Variable speed allows readers to adjust the speech to their needs.

Reedy NEW!
Want to be a speed reader? Practice on existing online sources with this app. Caution: Reading to fast can lead to hiccups and burping.   

Use RSS feed readers to help students select a balanced diet of daily news.
Feedly Mini

Opens Feedly RSS reader with a click. Simple new filtering.

For Flipboard, click and create new magazines and save articles.  Elegant news filtering.

Allow students to select modern reading options. dotEPUB convert any webpage into an.epub (ebook) to be loaded into an eReader.

Use QR Code Extension to quickly generate scannable codes for sharing information.

Or try Google Tone to broadcast any URL to devices within earshot.

Click to share your screen or tab with students via web address (you make a short URL).  You sign in (SSO) but no need for students to sign in.

Crop and comment on YouTube videos.

See the meanings of English words by double clicking and then save them to a personalized learning list.

Add interactive notes to any webpage.  Free account allows you to use this for  up to 5 lessons for an unlimited number of students. (Google SSO)

Zoom in on just what you need to see.  Works like a magnifying glass, rather than zooming the whole screen.

Nutritional Values

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