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Extensions Bistro: Appetizers


Wet your appetite with apps that improve your productivity. These morsels will give you a taste o fall that extensions can do for you and your students.


Add to ToodleDo
Sign up for a free account and use this enter new tasks complete with URLs to websites or documents you’re working on.


​Wunderlist for Chrome
An integrate task management system that works across devices and integrates with your Google suite apps.


Tick Tick
Click the icon and open a checklist you can add to quickly. Set reminders.  Tick off items as you finish.   


Tab Scissors / Tab Glue

Useful when you need to work between two windows, this pair of extensions splits a window into two at the selected tab, and late.  Glue merges all windows.


Use this to funnel all of your open tabs into a single tab list of your session.  


Toby (Chef’s favorite!)
Like OneTab, but with more spice.  You can create and name collections of documents or websites, and you can invite others to collaborate in adding sites to an “info gathering” collection.

The Great Suspender and Session Buddy are similar.


Open the first 20 documents in a folder on your Google Drive with a single click.  Time saver when you’re grading!


Want to open several links listed on a page? Why not use this one to check a student’s sources in a single click.  Simply click and drag a box around the links you want to open and they’ll each open in a new tab.


Click and reformat a webpage to print cleanly, without adds and other distracting web elements.  You can even choose to add or subtract elements. URL Shortener for easy to share short links or try Bitly for scustomized links.

Nutritional Values

While our appetizers offer only nominal educational value to your students, we are convinced that the value they offer teachers indirectly impacts the students. Less stress for teacher = happy students.

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