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Selecting Fonts

While you may be limited by the logo design tools that you use, you can make some pre-determinations using the tools and resources provided.

Open "An Enormous Guide to Font Psychology" and determine the type of font you will be looking for when you begin to design.  Will you use:

  • light or bold font?  
  • rounded or angular?
  • rtraight or slanted?
  • simple or complex?
  • upper, lower or mixed case?
  • seperated or connected?
  • condensed or extended?
  • short or tall?

Explain why you have made these choices.

Writing Taglines

Is message of a font symbolic or textual?

It can be both. Beyond reading the words, we perceive a font's style, associate that font with our own experience, and then make meaning.  Your audience will do the same.

Consider font style.

  • Serif fonts are more readable in print and will evoke elegance and tradition.
  • San Serif fonts are more readable online and portray modernity.
  • Straight fonts establish stability while slanted fonts imply movement.
  • Decorative fonts convey a sense of uniqueness and can more easily establish a brand's personality. 

TIP:  When working with any font, don't be afraid to tweak spacing.  You can do this by breaking up your text elements in layers so you can move and resize capital letters, spacing, etc.  

  • When paired with a symbol, fonts should not compete with other visual elements. Marry your font to your logo with overlap or directional lines. Test for readability and clarity of message

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Thinking about Taglines



Font Combinator
Choose font families by the "feel" you'd like to evoke.  Use drop down menus to fine tune selections.

Use different metrics to search for fonts in this massive typography database.

This tool will help you type characters common to foriegn languages but not included on the standard U.S. keyboard.

What the Font
Allows users to submit an image with a font and find the closest match to that font in it's database.


How to Select Fonts for Your Brand
Meg Reid, at 99designs, provides a great overview of how fonts impact branding and tips on how to choose fonts for your brand.

A Pro Designer Shares the Psychology of Font Choices
This is a great article for understanding the impact font choice has on message. Font styles and examples are presented, along with this amazing infographic.

What Font Should I Use? 5 Principles for CHoosing and Using Typefaces 
This brief article outlines font personalities, font families and how to mix and match them. 

An Enormous Guide to Font Psychology
This incredibly easy to read introduction  by Nick Kolenda, shows how fonts can impact meaning.   

The Science Behind Fonts (and how they make you feel) 
Mickael Cho breaks down the science of how we read and how fonts can change that (for the better or the worse). 

Also, review Cameron Chapman's A Crash Course in Typography.

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