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Focus Group Feedback

Working in groups, bring all logos, printed out, to the table.  Number them sequentially on the back.

Provide each member of the group with set of small blank note sheets (such as a sticky pad).  

All logos are distributed, face down, to the members of the group.

When asked, flip the logo over and examine for 3 seconds.  When time is called, flip the logo face down and pass to the right.

Take 10 seconds to write down the number and your impression of the logo you've seen.  Set aside.

Do not flip the logo that has been passed to you until instructed to do so.

Rotation will continue until all logos have been viewed.

Put your logo to work

Select 2 of the following options to showcase your logo.

(1) Locate an online t-shirt design tool and use your logo to design a t-shirt.  Consider placement and size of logo in developing your brand. Print a screen shot.

(2) Locate an online business card maker and incorporate your logo into a design that will represent you during business networking activities.  Print a screen shot.

(3) Consider what type of merchandising gifts would best represent your brand (hats, water bottles, etc.).  Design on that includes your logo.  Print a screen shot.

(4) Design a magazine ad that incorporates your logo.

(5) Create an online ad for your brand to be used on social media (Facebook, etc.)

Online Graphic Layout and Design
Check our our Quick Overview

Other Tools:

This is a simple, but limited online tool.  You can design for free, but download requires a login.  Selection of symbols is based on industry and may result in the overuse of images (i.e. less recognition of your brand).  

This is a super simple, layer-based tool that allows you to combine symbols into unique images. You can download your logo for free, if you credit the tool.

Adobe Spark Logo Maker
This tool allows you to login with Google and create a simple design using shapes, text, and color. You'll be able to download your logo with a solid background or with a transparent background  for application to a variety of media.

Online Logo Maker 
This is another simple to use, layered logo tool that allows to combine elements easily.  You can even upload your own images.  (Keep copyrights in mind!)  The ability to add multiple lines of text ensures that you can add a tagline into your logo, if you'd like. Download  of a low-resolution logo is free after sharing your creation on social media.  

Adobe PhotoShop and/or Illustrator 
Available in the our high school Art carts, or in the library  (HP Laptops), these are tools for serious designers.  If you're ready to explore a career in design, challenge yourself with these.

Noun Project
This project is a creative commons of visual symbols produced by communicators around the world.  Think of it as a thesaurus of symbols.  

Be sure to check out the creative commons licensing restrictions on any design you download.

This free tool lets you explore the color schemes of well-known brands, common objects, and images.  You can even develop your own color scheme based on an image by URL. (Try uploading an image to your Google drive and using it's unique URL to get a color scheme unique to your photo.)

Online product and merchandise design tools:

Cafe Press (mechandise)

Canva (2D ads and more)

Zazzle (mechandise)

Spoonflower (fabrics)

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