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Identifying Unique Symbols

Write down 3 concepts or ideas that you would like to consider conveying through symbolism.

Using the Noun Project, search for at least 3 separate objects that designers have submitted as internationally recognized symbols of that concept or idea.  NOTE:  a single object (such as a typewriter) may be represented by several icons.  Record the name of the object, not the icon itself.


Symbols tell stories. 
How do the symbols you've chosen represent or communicate the goals and beliefs you have about your brand?

Symbols offer perspectives.
How do the symbols you've chosen reflect a shared perspective between you and your audience?

Symbols clarify rather than compete.
Do the different elements (symbols, colors, text) in your logo communicate a common message or are those messages mixed?

Negative space is symbolic.
How do you use the white space to draw attention to your message?  

What brands are associated with these symbols?

Noun Project
This project is a creative commons of visual symbols produced by communicators around the world.  Think of it as a thesaurus of symbols.  

Be sure to check out the creative commons licensing restrictions on any design you download.


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