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INTERACTIVE: Logo Colors: What's Best for Your Brand?

Identifying Brand Colors

List at least 3 audience feelings or reactions you'd like to inspire with your brand logo. 

Using the information graphics and resources provided, identify 2 or more colors that best evoke those reactions. Explain your choices. 

Identify potential misunderstandings that may confuse your message for each of these colors.



Before you consider color....


Color is the first thing we see.  
So, design in black and white. 
This will ensure that your symbols and text do not take a back seat to color.  


Now, consider color.

Color Matters: is the work of color psychologist Jill Morton.  The website provides incredible resources for understanding how color impacts communication.  You'll find everything from the common meanings of colors and how they differ by culture and gender, how to apply color in design and marketing practices, how color affects eating, the visual perception of color, and the science behind how color is produced.

What brand do you associated with these color pallets?







Click to enlarge.


This free tool (Google sign-in) lets you explore the color schemes of well-known brands, common objects, and images.  You can even develop your own color scheme based on an image by URL. (Try uploading an image to your Google drive and using it's unique URL to get a color scheme unique to your photo.) Quick Tutorial Here.

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