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Environment and the Library: Finding Supporting Research

Finding Research

  1. Greening the library: An overview of sustainable design 
    Lamis, A.P.
    Planning the Modern Public Building (pp. 31–45). Westport, CN: Libraries Unlimited.
    Publication year: 2003
    Interesting that older libraries were built to make use of natural light and natural breezes)
  2. Eco-Library Design 
    A. Flannery, J.
    Springer; 2014 edition
    Publication year: 2013
  3.  From scraps to reams to mobile screens? An update on printing services in academic libraries (JOURNAL)
    Ashmore, B., Morris SE & Cantwell, L.
    College & Undergraduate Libraries, 23 (1), 28-43.
    Publication year: 2016
  4. The green library planner: What every librarian needs to know before starting to build or renovate (BOOK)Leith, R.
    Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 46: 1, 65-67.
    Publication year: 2015
  5. The second hand library building. Sustainable thinking through recycling old buildings into new libraries.
    Hauke, P. & Werner, KU
    IFLA Journal, 38 (1), 60-67.
    Publication year: 2016
  6. From scraps to reams to mobile screens? An update on printing services in academic libraries
  7. How to become / How to identify a Green Library? Standards for Certification (JOURNAL)
    Hauke, P.
    Publication year: 2015
  8. Usefulness of green marketing literacy and purchase decisions (JOURNAL)
    Shakeel Ul Rehman
    IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM), Volume. 16, Issue 9, pages 20-27
    Publication year: 2014
  9. The Sustainability Literacy Test: Can universities be sure they are producing sustainability literate graduates? (PAPER)
    Jean-Christophe Carteron, Aurelien Decamps, Benoit MartimortAsso, Renaud Richard, Debra Rowe, Guillaume Barbat, Jaclyn Rosebrook-Collignon, Guillaume Binder, Paulette Laurent Caire, Christophe Alliot, Christian Mathy, Anja Stoll.
  10. The Sustainailibty Literacy Test One Year Report , Presented on the occasion of the World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development Nagoya Japan, November 2014
  11. The Environmental Literacy of Lower Secondary School Pupils, High School and College Students (JOURNAL) Milan Kubiatko
  12. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering Technology, Volume, Issue 1, Pages 2-8
    Publication year: 2014
  13. Evaluating strategies for inclusion of environmental literacy in the elementary school classroom
    Kathryn T. Stevenson,Sarah J. Carrier,M. Nils Peterson
    Electronic Journal of Science Education Volume 18, Issue 8,
    Publication year: 2014
  14. Are libraries sustainable in a world of free, networked, digital information?
    Lluís Anglada
    El profesional de la información, Volume 23, Isssue 6, Pages 603-611
    Publication year: 2014
  15. Building a sustainable digital library (JOURNAL)
    Pai, RD
    International Journal of Library Science and Research (IJLSR), 5 (2), 1-6.
    Publication year: 2015
  16. Weeding in libraries survey report: sprouting green weeding practices in libraries web-based training (REPORT)
    Betsy Evans
    Weeding in libraries survey report
    Publication year: 2014
  17. Green Library- A new concept of library
    Purohit, S.
    International Conference on Entrepreneurial Approaches to Librarianship December 26-28, 2013
    Publication year: 2013
  18. Going green as a marketing tool for libraries: environmentally sustainable
    Hauke, P & Werner, K.U.
    IFLA Journal
    Publication year: 2013
  19. Green Libraries Are More Than Just Buildings
    Aulisio, G.
    Electronic Green Journal
    Publication year:
  20. The Green Library
    Hauke, P., Latimer, K., Werner, K. U. (Eds.)
    Berlin/Munich: De Gruyter Saur
    Publication year: 2013

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