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Ferguson, Kathy E. "Emma Goldman's 'Anarchism without Adjectives.'" The Public

    Domain Review. Open Knowledge Foundation, n.d. Web. 15 Apr. 2015.


    emma-goldmans-anarchism-without-adjectives/>. In this article, Kathy E.

    Furguson explores the intentions and ambitions of Emma Goldman's anarchist

    behavior during the late 19th century and early 20th century, concluding

    that Goldman was striving for a new era in which everyone was treated as

    equals. Published in 2001, this source offers up-to-date information. I

    will use this modern information to acquire a new viewpoint on what Emma

    Goldman wanted to accomplish during her life. This information is credible

    because the author is an expert in this field, evidenced by her occupation

    at the University of Hawaii as a professor in Political Science and Women's

    Studies. The author has also written a book about Emma Goldman called "Emma

    Goldman: Political Thinking in the Streets". In regards to my topic, Emma

    Goldman, this article is relevant because it discusses the life of Goldman

    and what she accomplished.  


Ferron, Adam. "Don't Trust the Mainstream Western Media When It Comes to Women's

    Activism in the Arab World." Muftah. Muftah, 10 Mar. 2015. Web. 27 Apr.

    2015. <>. In this

    article, Adam Ferron discusses the misconceptions most Western media

    creates when depicting women protests and activism, specifically the

    driving ban in Saudi Arabia. Adam Ferrons finds that women activists in

    Saudi Arabia and the Arab world are depicted as recent heros, when in

    truth, these women have fought for many years and are proud of their

    nation. Published on March 10, 2015, this article offers up-to-date

    information. As the ban on women driving is a current struggle, recent

    information on protests and political views is essential to understand the

    debate. The information is credible because the author is informed on the

    topic, and the article quotes experts. The author Adam Ferron has a

    Master’s in near and Middle Eastern Politics from the SOAS, University of

    London, and a Bachelor’s in the Economics and Social Studies from the

    University of Manchester. Adam has done research with the UK Foreign and

    Commonwealth office, and Adam helped create the UK counter-terrorism policy

    when he worked for the UK Local Government. The author also quotes the

    credible expert Manal al-Sharif, a crucial protester on the ban on women

    driving Manal al-Sharif. Muftah, the publisher of the website is also a

    credible source because the aim of the website is to accurately represent

    minority groups that Western media portrays poorly. In regards to my topic,

    ending the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia, this article is relevant

    because it discusses the ban itself, the way Western media inaccurately

    portrays the ban and other protests, and views from protesters Western

    media would overlook.


Muir, John. Our National Parks. N.p.: John Muir, 1901. Print. In this editorial,

    John Muir, argues the importance of preservation of nature, concluding that

    national parks are necessary to keep nature the same, specifically around

    sierra Nevada. Published in 1901, this source offers dated information. Now

    the geography of the sierra and the topics of preservation have changed

    over time, John Muirs exact feelings towards preserving nature have not.

    Making this primary source a perfect base for how john Muir approached and

    backed evidence for preserving nature. The author is an expert in this

    field, as evidenced by his several years spent living in yosemite gathering

    information and creating theories that are still widely accepted today. In

    regards to my topic , preserving nature, this editorial is relevant because

    it discusses reasons to preserve nature from the perspective of John Muir



National Public Radio. "The Heat Wave of 1896 and the Rise of Roosevelt."

    NPR. NPR, 11 Aug. 2010. Web. 25 Apr. 2015. <

    templates/story/story.php?storyId=129127924>. In this report, the staff

    of National Public Radio, detail the heat wave occurance in the summer of

    1896 in New York City; which killed about 1,500 people, and a majority came

    from residents that lived in compacted tenements. Their finding was

    that the majority that died was due to the lack of space and windows inside

    the tenements if they stayed inside, but outside would had been no

    different. Published in 2010, this source offers dated information. It will

    not support Jacob Riis directly, but the incident will help back up for my

    project/character's reasons for change. National Public Radio quote

    credible experts, including Ed Kohn, author of "Hot Time in the Old

    Town" and which the book was based of the heat wave occurance of 1896.

    Edward Kohn is assistant professor of American History and Chair of the

    American Culture and Literature Department at Bilkent University. He has

    also written two other books on history-fiction. In regards to my topic,

    Jacob Riis, this article is somewhat relevant because it discusses one of

    the issues tenement housing burdened and could be used as an argument for

    reconstruction of housing laws and its environment.


Tyson, Neil DeGrasse. "The Case for Space." Foreign Affairs Mar.-Apr. 2012: n.

    pag. Foreign Affairs. Web. 7 May 2015. <

    articles/north-america/case-space>. In this article published online and

    in hard-copy by Foreign Affairs Magazine, Neil deGrasse Tyson writes an

    article discussing the reasoning behind space exploration. In the article,

    titled, The Case for Space, Tyson makes convincing argument after

    convincing argument. He backs up all of his points with an explanation and

    clear evidence. This March/April copy of Foreign Affairs offers fairly

    up-to-date information, as it was published in the year 2012. The fact that

    the article was later edited and republished tells me that the source is

    reliable, and more importantly, the author and magazine wish to ensure

    that its readers are well informed. The author, Neil deGrasse Tyson is

    an expert in his field, with a degree in Astrophysics and Cosmology. In

    regards to my topic, Neil deGrasse Tyson, this magazine article is

    relevant. It explores much of Tyson's reasoning behind striving to get

    more federal funding for NASA, which is a major part of my project.



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