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Citation Generators

Noodle Tools
Noodle Tools is a citation generator and project manager. This generator easily creates book citations using the ISBN number, and you can cut-and-paste in citations provided by databases or other tools, such as Cite this for me.   It is fully integrated into Google Docs.  Our school provides you with an upgrade Noodle Tools account.  If you've forgotten your username and password, please check see library staff for help.

EasyBib is an free citation generator and project manager.  You can get an upgraded account by using our school coupon. New Users register here.  Returning users who want to upgrade made do so here.  Get the coupon number in the library.

Cite this for me (Chrome Extension)
This extension will provide you with citations for websites.  It does not accurately cite PDF files or articles in databases.  


Citing Online Resources

Gale Database Citation Tools
Databases and eBooks provide by GALE (Student Resources-in-Context and GVRL) provide you with accurate citations that you can cut-and-paste into a Google document., though may need to adjust indenting.  GALE citations will also export directly into EasyBib or Noodle Tools.  

EBSCOhost Database Citation Tools
Gale's databases, such as History Reference Center, provide citations in multiple formats that can be cut and pasted into a citation generator.  Proofread these citations.  Titles sometimes appear in all capitals, which is incorrect.

All of our ebooks (Mackin, Follett, Overdrive, GVRL) can be accessed through the library catalog or through MackinVia.  If you access our ebooks through MackinVia, you can get a book citation from the book's information page.  If you access these through the library catalog, use a citation generator.

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